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Migrant Living Accomidation Overload

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fender62 | 19:09 Fri 14th Jul 2023 | News
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this is a question no has asked, what happens when all hotels are full, all ex military bases are full, and more illegals keep arriving, whats going to happen then, or will the powers that be say enough is enough frig legal obligations, and just deport and stop them in the channel with a no your not landing and we will not help, what a stand off, inevitable?


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At present they are living in luxury hotels all over NE Scotland(and we pay them a fiver a day for bits and bobs).Meanwhile my company is screaming out for unskilled workers such as these.Utter madness.
Got a spare room ?

so there are no unemployed in scotland
I have always said they should be housed in an internment camp on a deserted Scottish Isle. Nissen Huts, guard towers and barbed wire. We did it in the last W.W. with enemy aliens . They were treated humanely with medical facilities and food. Wee Burney often professed she would welcome them in Scotland. If they destroy their accommodation then give them tents which they erect themselves. I am sure the hospitable winter climate might dampen their wish to live in the UK, or perhaps they enjoy being eaten alive by midges in the Summer This is where they should be processed .Not Rwanda or Hotels and bases in the UK.
@20.20."so there are no unemployed in Scotland"?Aye,thousands,but they dont want to work.A lot of these guys and gals living in luxury hotels would like to work.Cleaning toilets for £350 a week,which the Poles and other Eastern Europeans used to do before Brexit.FGS,paying them a fiver a day out of the system or them paying £70 a weeks tax into the system(as the Poles and Lithuanians used to do before Brexit.
Question Author
ynnafymmi, dying to work erm no speak englay, how many are illiterate to the point of not passing 2 yr primary, but how many can use an ak47...
How literate do you need to be to clean toilets or pick strawberries or raspberries,fender?
\\@20.20."so there are no unemployed in Scotland"?Aye,thousands,but they dont want to work//

Stop their benefits, make sure they are earning more than what they would get on the dole by a good amount.
I tend to agree with retrocop, 20.21 - except that there must be a different accommodation for women with obviously young children - who need to go to school and have a chance to acclimatise and integrate - free from other pressures.

Fender - language lessons would be obligatory until they can pass an exam, both spoken and written. Without this they cannot even begin to make a new life here, if genuine.

I suspect that if they are not genuine seekers of asylum they would accept a monetary offer to be flown to their destination of choice.

Short of something drastic like the above scenario - there will be a very, very unpleasant stand-off eventually with repercussions for decades to come.
Meanwhile my company are losing out on hundreds of thousands of pounds orders because we havent enough unskilled workers to process the orders.This is hundreds of thousands of pounds missing from the British economy.Im in my early sixties,i could be training about a dozen of these people(presently getting a fiver a day each),and could be paying £75 a weeks tax)) into meaningful employment before i retire.
ynnafymmi,by giving them work you are acknowledging their right to be here,every single one of them should be sent back from where they came,and you put some overtime in if you are so worried about your works staffing levels.
//Cleaning toilets for £350 a week,which the Poles and other Eastern Europeans used to do before Brexit.//

Why aren't they still doing it now, then? Following Brexit almost 6 million EU citizens applied for permanent settlement in the UK. I imagine some of them must have been employed s toiler cleaner in Scotland. Or are you suggesting they've all returned to the EU?
Aye,right,frippo.So us paying them a fiver a day or them paying £75 a week into the system?Come off it.Since the Poles and Lithuanians have *** off we need these people and they arent getting a chance to pay in rather take out.
We’re a LONG way from all hotels and military bases being full. A helluva long way. Again, you’ve been listening to too much media crap.
@21.20.well they certainly arent cleaning the toilets in the company i work for.Whats your employment status,NJ.Can you clean toilets?
He’s a Judge, you know! PMSL.
No you come off it,if they get here illegal they have broke the law before they get out of their boats,if they do that what other laws will they think it's alright to break,if they have a case let them come legally,of course you could always get the dole sc*m off their bums and back to work to fill your job vacancies.
Local hotel cancelled bookings days before a big event here, and cancelled pre-booked weddings.

Hotel staff were also told on the same day that the hotel was closing to accommodate refugees
People will wake up and vote for a less utterly useless Government.

Let’s face it - The Tories have failed massively on this policy for -3 years.
May promised to cut it to the tens of thousands and didn’t. Patel said she would be tough and bloody thousands came. Braverman is incredibly ineffectual.
We need to sweep out these useless idiots.
Gromit ‘People will wake up and vote for a less utterly useless Government’

Like who?

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Migrant Living Accomidation Overload

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