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Donald Corleone?

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douglas9401 | 06:07 Tue 15th Aug 2023 | News
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I know he'll be dead before anything of substance can happen but, RICO charges put him out there with the other gangsters. Quite refreshing.


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It's fake news,,apparently,,
I see another headline further down the page is 'I just want to find 11,780 votes’

I am sure that the Proclaimers could turn that into a song
After walking many miles Wolf ;-)
he's scum
Scum floats on the top of a pond and is reasonably easy to get rid of Untitled.
It's the detritus that infests the lower levels that make life difficult.
Shows how afraid the Democrats are of a Trump comeback that their pawns in the judiciary have to resort to nonsense like this.
Or how brave enough they are.
It's difficult to debate with nonsense.
yes yes it's all rubbish just ignore all the evidence and all the warning signs just cling on to your hatred of whatever you think "the left" is over and above any other moral or political conviction... it is clearly the only thing that matters to you so carry on
you KNOW it?
oh well AB on Tuesday -
what are United Utilities and Shell gonna do on the stock market?
If there was a shred of decency in him he'd take a bottle of whiskey to the gun room at Mar a Lago and do the needful.
Question Author
He's TT, Sandy, I'll hold the bottle though.
They'll be doing him for tax evasion next!

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Donald Corleone?

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