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International Manhunt Over Death Of Girl, 10

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naomi24 | 11:13 Tue 15th Aug 2023 | News
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//An international manhunt for three people continues following the death of 10-year-old Sara Sharif.

A post-mortem examination will take place later for Sara, whose body was found alone in the early hours of Thursday at her home in Woking, Surrey, following a call for her welfare.

Surrey Police said the three people it was trying to locate left the country the previous day.

The force is working with international authorities to find them.//

What on earth could have happened here? It seems the little girl had younger siblings so presumably they are with the people being hunted. Dreadful.


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looks like we'll all be doing the usual dance with this one.

The usual dance?

Before answering - have a look at the girl - might avoid an egg/face interface situation.
// Pakistani family with six "very young" children had moved into the house in April. //

// An international manhunt for three people continues //

There were 6 of them, 3 left the country and one dead. What of the baby and the other small child? Do we assume 5 left the country, not 3?

There were 8 of them, 3 left the country and one dead. What of the baby and the other small children? Do we assume 7 left the country, not 3?
Question Author
SP, why are you asking TTT to look at the girl?

Gromit, I'm assuming the other children went with those being hunted but I might be wrong.
Her mother is Polish.
Maybe it’s best to wait for the police to investigate rather jumping to conclusions. RIP that wee girl .
11 .17.
Anyone know what "The usual dance is please" Waltz, foxtrot or Jive???
Just asking.

Bang on...
isnt the usual dance you stating it's a terrorist incident?
it seems unlikely to me, but who knows?

Whenever there's a case involving a (possible) Muslim bad actor, some people will talk about "the elephant in the room" or "doing the usual dance".

It's the equivalent of seeing a story about the murder of a little child by her stepfather and saying, "I bet I know what they look like".

It's grim but this is how some people operate.
Question Author
Presumably they have other children with them so I just hope they find them - and quickly.
A B is very guilty of allowing these post to remain on site.
A lot of assumings and presumablys about!
I reckon he looks like Jesse Owens.
Who does?
The father was given custody with the mother having minimal or no access to the child
Question Author
calmck, by our courts?
Yes, by our courts
Question Author
Thanks Barry. I just wondered if it might be a Sharia court.

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International Manhunt Over Death Of Girl, 10

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