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Why Is I D Such A Problem?

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ToraToraTora | 16:55 Wed 13th Sep 2023 | News
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I don't get it, what's so difficult?



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I don't have any photo ID.  This caused endless problems when I tried paying for this flat using cash.  I had to prove my ID and then go through all the money laundering checks.


Because there is what we need is 1 form of ID that covers everything (apart from travelling abroad perhaps)

I seem to remember that it was discussed years ago and was shot down - personally I would prefer an ID card that you can add things to like - driving, access to NHS etc

I'm all for an ID card.   

all in one id, minus travel for reasons known, in the future i can imagine some kind of implant in the hand or wrist barcode or something, seen it in scifi movies.

Perhaps we'll be microchipped like our dogs are.

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Bit of a leap there naoimi, seriously why is it such a problem, there are lots of things that need ID so why not our very democracy?

When I lived in  France we had  'Green Cards' to show our status regarding healthcare etc. and the regime under which you were charged..  The number on  mine changed when I ceased paying into the system and reached pensionable age here.  It was a photo-ID card and really useful if you needed to confirm your identity.

This system would be very useful here with regard to access to health-care/social security payments etc. - if anyone  could bring themselves to admit that 'health tourists' do exist!

PS The answer box is different.  I'll try an emoji to see what happens.🙄   Whee!

Since so much can be stored on a single chip, I've long though that one card for everything would be a good idea - I have to carry so many different cards about it's ridiculous - why not load it all on a single card complete with some solid form of ID like a mugshot, or fingerprint etc.

When I was banned from driving (eyesight) and advised the DVLA accordingly I did not return my driving licence as demanded by them because, as I explained in a letter to them, I need it for ID purposes (not all agencies accept a bus pass). I got a nice letter back explaining if I didn't return it they would mark my central record as banned (DUH - what wally wrote that I wonder)

Just one card would be a devastating loss if you mislaid, or indeed lost, it, Canary.



Ditto passport

Portugeuse ID has everything on it. Tax, medical number. Can be used for travel within EU

But you could have several copies of the card, unlike passports.

Carrying an ID card wouldn't be a problem for me, TTT.  

Labour are against photo I.D.



Starting in May 2023 the Tory government have introduced a requirement for people going to vote at polling stations to bring with them some form of Photo-id. The following are valid photo-ids:

Driving licence (provided it has a photo on it)

Passport (does not need to be up to date as long as it has a picture of you)

Blue Badge

Senior Bus Pass

Disabled Persons Bus Pass

Oyster 60+ card

Freedom PASS card (National Proof of Age Standards Scheme)

National identity card issued by an EEA state

Scottish National Entitlement Card

60 and Over Welsh Concessionary Travel Card

Disabled Person’s Welsh Concessionary Travel Card

Senior SmartPass issued in Northern Ireland

Registered Blind SmartPass or Blind Person’s SmartPass issued in Northern Ireland

War Disablement SmartPass issued in Northern Ireland

60+ SmartPass issued in Northern Ireland

Half Fare SmartPass issued in Northern Ireland

I'm all for producing photo ID to vote.  

(Wow I’m seeing two Zaluzhnys here(!).
A quirk of my phone maybe)

Two things are being mixed up here.
I don’t have have a problem with ID for voting although in a way it seems OTT given how little electoral fraud there is. And it’s no use for postal vire fraud anyway.
But on the separate matter of ID cards, I already have a passport and a driving licence as do many and I’d be very cross indeed if I had to fork out for a separate card

Britain had ID cards during the war. The government wanted to continue it after the war; the public objected to a wartime necessity being turned into a peacetime convenience for those in authority. They'd been fighting against regimes that used ID cards.

National identity cards are issued to their citizens by the governments of all European Economic Area member states except Denmark and Ireland. Ireland however issues a passport card which is a valid document in the EEA and Switzerland. Denmark

I still have my wartime ID card.

It isn't difficult but it is misplaced. The citizen isn't there to have to prove they are valid to authority, authority should have to prove itself to the citizens.


One gets a voting card, that should be sufficient.


There is no evidence of fraud when voting in person, it is postal voting folk are suspicious of, and id isn't checked for that as you have no idea who put the cross and posted the vote.


It's all part of monitoring the citizen and those implementing such need to go boil their head: twice for good measure.

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