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Xl Bullys To Be Banned

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pastafreak | 17:10 Fri 15th Sep 2023 | News
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Another victim yesterday...and Sunak has announced they will be banned by the end of the year. My heart goes out to this man's family and all other victims.



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Guns require positive action by their handlers to cause injury or death.

A moment's inattention on behalf of a dog owner could result in the same.

I feel a bit ambivalent about this. I believe that it's owners that are bad and not the dog, but during Covid I met a 12 week old XL pup. I went to say hello and it rounded on me, it was growling and displayed a fair amount of aggression. I'd never seen that in a dog so young before, so I'm put off the breed anyway.

Pasta, sorry I wasn't able to click on the link, so wasn't able to read about it.

Did it say what would happen to this type of dog that is already with its owners?

Bombproof solution: All dogs should be muzzled in public. 


None of the 21,918 cases of out-of-control dogs causing injury in 2022 (UK) would have happened if that precaution had been implemented when I first raised it years ago.


Source of those figures:-

It seems pretty clear that the dangerous dogs act doesn't work, deaths have risen sharply since it was introduced. Shouldn’t we have a ‘safe dogs act’, surely it could have enough breeds in it to satisfy virtually every dog owner, and it would elevate the problem of breed identification that is causing problems now.

New Judge, As an ex manager of a carpet showroom I can assure you that I would not have Rishi-Sunak as an assistant to myself. He may be able to sweep the floor, but only after he's completed his paper round.

I don't know what he could usefully do, then, david. I thought the carpet showroom job would be ideal for him. He looks the part, with a nice suit, though he could do with learning how to tie a tie and asking his tailor to cut his trousers a little more generously. As well as that, unlike in his present occupation, he'd be fulfilling a useful function. As the assistant manager he would hopefully be well supervised by his manager - someone like your good self - so that he could not get up to too much mischief.

He's a decent enough cove - just hopelessly out of his depth in his current job. Promoted way beyond his capabilities, shall we say. Nobody seems to have told him that it isn't sufficient to just say things or promise things. You have to come up with the goods. I just thought he could start to learn that by supplying people's carpet requirements. That way, when the carpet doesn't turn up and the customers to whom he made promises complain, he might get to understand that.



Not very often but I do see muzzled dogs being walked and they seem happy enough. Yes bombproof solution but how likely is ever going to happen?

Oh I nearly forgot - the dogs.

Ownership of them should be prohibited. They are dangerous and unpredicatble animals and nobody should be allowed to keep them. But I wouldn't rely on Mr Sunak to arrange that prohibition. 

They're not always trained to be aggressive, no no training at all is nearly as bad.

A local lady has a pocket bully, so not even as big as the XL, but because she hasn't trained him he pulls her about all over the place, has brocken her arm, dislocated her shoulder and broken her toe.

But still she says he's 'her baby'!!

She's a lovely lady with a very respectable job so she's not stupid. If i see her i just wave over and say I'm in a hurry, i dont want him near my dog.

No mate, it's the dog.

Should have refreshed, that was for roadman.

the government ie rishi should say.. all these dogs will be culledand owners hiding them... breeding them inprisoned, all properties confiscated. muzzled law, erm thugs do not care about laws, id send armed response teams to there houses, shoot the dog there and then, attacks are not going to stop.

Would I be right in saying that until a dog actually attacks someone, the authorities won't know if it's dangerous or not, and by then, it will be too late?

Barsel, therein lies the problem, basically everything carries on as it is, attacks continue, more maimed or dead, then they will say..see we did say they had to be muzzled, onus on owner, owners do not care..rinse repeat, just let's the gov off the hook.

Lesions will be learned.

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Xl Bullys To Be Banned

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