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Black "Experts" Say Science Is Racist......

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ToraToraTora | 12:35 Tue 19th Sep 2023 | News
13 Answers shall we fix that? Yep you guessed it, with more racism! You couldn't make it up! How can science possibly be racist?



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What absolute tosh.

Is it not possible that black students simply don't have a proportionate interest in following science, rather than the unfounded assumption that science is 'racist'?

And if anyone believes that the answer to a situation that is more a matter of perception than evidence, is to favour scientists simply on the basis of the colour of their skin, then  as TTT points out, that is responding to a notion of racism, with actual provable racism.

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AH: "Is it not possible that black students simply don't have a proportionate interest in following science, rather than the unfounded assumption that science is 'racist'?" - yes very.

For me the main problem here is that rather than look to see where the problem lies they jump to creating 650K of grants based on rasicm.

Surely they should be looking at why Black students drop out (and Bangladeshi it appears).

And, just out of interest, what constitutes a black heritage (they seem to have classified mixed race separately)?

Like those idiots that say the national trust is racist because not many people of colour are interested in it. Its nobody's fault but their own. 

Isn't this one of the reasons so much attention and time is devoted to the study of black holes?


And brown dwarfs.

Science no, but I suspect parts of academia which can feed into the research bodies are still bastions of white privilege.   It may simply be lack of profile as they  say you need to see it to be it,  maybe if the major institutions  used more diverse representatives in their promotional material things might naturally balance over a period of time.   

The failings within the Bangladeshi population may arise from well before the point at which students  enter higher education. Traditionally they tend to live in more deprived areas, with poorer schools, and lower aspirations unlike those from India where there is more likely kept to be an expectation of  achievement with families willing to invest in their children's success

TORATORATORA, "How can science possibly be racist?"

Why do you believe it impossible for there to be racism in science?

And those supremacist whiteboards! Eh? Eh?

//Readers of Brilliant Black British History, by the Nigerian-born British author Atinuke, are told the neolithic monument in Wiltshire was built while Britain was a 'black country'. //

Haha they built them all over Africa as well. ...   Not.;cvid=ce519203ab5c4089b845790d1425387e&ei=52

The author may be a descendant of Dr Valentin Narcisse, late of Atlantic City. 😂

Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. Is there any ?


Correlation, as with skin colour and lack of interest, does not imply any causation.

House building must also be racist.

Haven't seen a black bricklayer, plasterer. scaffolder or roofer in all my time on-site.

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Black "Experts" Say Science Is Racist......

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