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piggynose | 15:08 Thu 21st Sep 2023 | News
7 Answers

Rely on Google maps?

Have Google got a leg to stand on?



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His own idiotic fault I'd say

It's not just googe maps it's any sat nav system. It's called satnav blindness and there are many tales of drivers blindly following the instructions even when it's clear they are not right. I have the opposite problem, I don't beleive it half the time and get myself in a pickle when I should have just followed the nice satnav woman!

It's a tool that's intended to assist you, not for you to slavishly obey.

He should have been watching the road. Also the thing should have been completely closed off with unmovable barriers, not just warning signs.

I rely on my eyes

When you're weary, feeling small...

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