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Boris Found To Have Broken The Rules – Again

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Hymie | 20:49 Thu 21st Sep 2023 | News
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Boris broke the rules when he gave ACOBA 30 minutes notice before taking up the job of writing drivel for the Daily Mail.

You won’t find this in the main stream media – so my mate Phil explains.




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He needs to put a couple of books under his autocue.


Maybe rehearse a bit too.

 //you won’t find this in the main stream media//

Why not? Why would the Mirror & Guardian, Scottish newspapers, channel 4, Sky, BBC, Laura Koonsberg etc not  report it if there was any substance or public interest

Who cares ?

There's plenty reports of it, some from June.


The links do work...

I think you should have left the "https." on the links.


Seems not!

I think Boris was, and still is a.. Raving Lunatic. A lot of it about on Ab.

They open fine for me and it was reported at the time in June but I did notice the;source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=

was updated to-day for some reason.



links work if i insert a blank line first

I knocked off the https. bits to save some space as I had a fair few links to copy and paste but the point is it is being discussed now and it was back in June.

Hymie ...Boris breaking rules..?  He made the rules,  so he thinks.

BoooooooOOOOoOoooring video

//You won’t find this in the main stream media – so my mate Phil explains.//


It's old news.  Your mate Phil isn't as smart as he thinks he is - or as you think he is.

...................The fall of Boris Johnson..........

Boris Johnson sat on a wall....Boris Johnson had a great fall...

All the Kings horses ...and all the Con men ...Will never put Boris together again.

Many thanks to you Hymie,and your mate Phil  for bringing this to the attention of the Boris supporters on Ab. Otherwise they would have missed it ..not being in main stream media .

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Boris Found To Have Broken The Rules – Again

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