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Suella Braverman Speech

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fender62 | 18:11 Tue 26th Sep 2023 | News
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she is spot on, but who is going to listen and make changes, seems politicans and lawmakers care nothing for the publics view, but only altruism or they are just scared.



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...the apposite words there being 'in power'

Indeed bednobs. But if you read my posts you will see that their power is severely restricted by the international treaties we have signed. Without addressing whether those treaties remain appropriate and fit for purpose (and taking action if they are not), it doesn't matter what power they have.

Unfortunately, when the future of such treaties is questioned, the usual suspects throw their arms into the air and act as if the government is suggesting slaying evey first-born child.

but NJ what i am saying is they CAN withdraw from treaties (as you suggest) as they ARE in power.

If, as is implied throughout this thread, the majority of people agree with it, why would they be scared to do it - they'd get more votes, surely?


12.58 That won't stop the boats, you can  talk until you are blue in the face on the subject, they will still keep coming until you take direct action. And before anyone asks what I would do, I don't have a degree in law in the UK or anywhere else in the world. And it don't look like she has, or her team of lap dogs.

> She also delivered a stinging rebuke to those who dismiss people alarmed about immigration as 'idiots or bigots', arguing that the 'failure' of multiculturalism was evident from the streets of Paris, Brussels and Leicester. 

Most of the immigration in the UK is legal immigration. So what is Braverman saying ... if we need people to come to the country and work, but multiculturalism is failing, then who can we employ - white, Christian, English-speaking places?  Like where ... Australia and Canada? But that's where people are actually leaving the UK to go to!!!

We have plenty out of work here that we can employ.


In the unlikely event we temporarily need more workers then as long as folk don't insist on bringing their foreign culture with them and installing it here permanently then they can be invited to apply for temporary jobs.

They may get more votes by doing the right thing but they also make powerful enemies if they have the cheek to stand up for our nation rather than bend over backwards to comply with demands to just talk about doing something. But ultimately it is the only reasonable path to stick up for oneself, ones nation, ones people.

// Around a dozen Tory MPs, including ministers, have complained to the chief whip about Suella Braverman's recent speech on immigration and refugees.

Some have told the BBC her remarks were offensive, divisive and inaccurate. //

I don't agree with them.   High time someone had the guts to speak out.  Good for her.

Around a dozen Tory MPs, including ministers, have complained to the chief whip about Suella Braverman's recent speech on immigration and refugees.

And that is why nothing will be done about this problem. There is a small, but very vociferous and influential group of people who believe that this country must accept allcomers. The cost seems irrelevant to them and the effect that such large numbers of people arriving without the proverbial pot to pee in seems to be similarly unimportant.

This influx (not only to the UK but to the whole of Europe) is beginning to cause serious problems and these will only worsen because it is simply not possible, nor desireable, to accommodate these people and provide the services they will require. There was nothing devisive, offensive or incorrect about Mrs Braverman's speech. But I fear she is banging her head against the wall because there is no collective will amongst politicians to address the problem.

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Suella Braverman Speech

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