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"Have A Nice Day, . . .

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Buenchico | 21:13 Wed 27th Sep 2023 | News
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. . . missing you already!"

Customer service, US-style:



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Can't stand it Chris, so insincere, it's a bit like 

'sorry for your wait' at a checkout, oh how I'd loved to say ' No you're not' but having worked in retail myself, I'm alway polite ,I reserve the nasty bits for those cold callers and normall ask how they have my mobile number before telling them to get lost 

There's something familiar about her?

Gosh! Did the woman keep her job, I wonder?

I don't mind "Have a nice day!" I just say "Thanks. You too."

That's one customer that won't be back.

Question Author

Thanks for the posts.  (I think that Bobbi might not have clicked on the link!)

Complete nutters over there, thats for sure.

She should have pulled the trigger, then the Customer would have had his chips 😃😃😃😃


[I'll get my coat]

Question Author

Perhaps the food service isn't too good in Nottinghamshire either?

Lol, Canary42. Nice one.

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"Have A Nice Day, . . .

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