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Drama Out Of A Crisis

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douglas9401 | 21:21 Sat 30th Sep 2023 | News
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What the actual is going on in this country?



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That is the question, douglas.  I've more or less stopped trying to work it all out, sorry.

My dad drove that choo- choo once, or so my mother told me.

A minor accident - that's all - no need to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Standard procedure where the public (and the potential to litigate) are concerned. 

Canary - you've just posted a Covid thread that is really making a mountain out of mole hill. 

You need to show a bit of consistency - otherwise you'll look a fool (natch).

Geez oh, what next, somebody will see Nessie 🥺

I'm sure it won't be long before immyfanwy will be along to remind us that everything is the fault of the SNP...


@00.21.You spelt my name wrong Jim.👎

The incident with the FS was what is known in te trade as a "rough shunt". The locomotive was backing on to a rake of coaches and the driver got it wrong. Unfortunately there was a lot of catering equipment on board and a considerable about of it was displaced. I believe there were also some passengers in the first coach (which is an observation car) and they may have beeen standing to watch the locomotive back down onto the train.

I fear what might come from any enquiry is the banning of passengers being on board a train when the loco is backing down. That would a pity. Many heritage railways allow passengers to remain on board at the terminus station whilst the locomotive changes ends for the run back.

The locomotive and carriages are currently awaiting safety inspections. Having seen a video clip of the collision it does indeed look "rough". My guess is that the loco is probably unharmed but the first carriage of the train was a very old observation car that might not be quite so robust.  

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Drama Out Of A Crisis

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