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How Can They Be Pro Moscow......?

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ToraToraTora | 10:23 Sun 01st Oct 2023 | News
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....and in NATO and the EUSSR? Slovexit ?



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.... I assume the EUSSR will stop dolling out dosh for a start.

One faction of the Slovak Govt is Pro Russia. As it says in the article 'There could be as many as 10 parties in the new parliament from libertarians to far-right, which could make the coalition process long and complicated'

There are 150 seats in the parliament and they have 42.

So a coalition of the other parties can form a Government.

A bit like our Parliament after the next GE. Probably. 

Looks like yer man's old school when it comes to the Ivans.

Question Author

10:39, I don't think there is a pro Moscow element, even in Labour.

The next UK Government might be made up of a Pro EU coalition. (assuming Lab/SNP/LD are against Brexit).

It's not quite as simple as that: Fico is mafia 

Look at Hungary and Orban

If Fico becomes prime minister he will have to manage a coalition of diverse factions so he will have to tread carefully. As far as the electorate is concerned  people buy into the untruth that Slovakia/Hungary/US has bigger problems than Ukraine. What is shocking about Slovakia is that organised crime can still influence the electorate.

Picking up what Tora said about Labour (and well said for your honesty) there are no pro-Moscow elements in the party but there are anti-west anti-NATO elements and those people need keeping away from government. They are though a lot less prominent since Corbyn and co departed 

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How Can They Be Pro Moscow......?

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