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Music to my ears!  Common sense at last.  Let's hope it happens.

I'm no Tory but this is great to read. Keep it going

Yes, let's ban everybody except standard semi-detached suburban Jones's. We can't have individuals upsetting the State's dictates.

^No one has suggested that so let's not do it.   Let's just reintroduce respect for women and apply a bit of common sense where it's needed.  That'll work.

There s got to be sone restrictionsin life though canary. Would you for example be against banning child sex offenders working in schools. Different I know but some lines got to be drawn 

Dont be ridiculous Canary, but then again I suspect you are just being contrary.

It's about time this was done, women’s hard fought for rights should not be trampled on by men.  It amounts to no more than a version of misogyny.


Quite rightly so.If the transgender brigade have any confusion who should have what chromosomes the medical profession have no doubt

Canary, do you think women who don't conform to the //standard semi-detached suburban Jones's// don't care about their dignity?  That's quite insulting really.

Sense at last!

geezers to be banned from womens wards! Who'd have thunk it?

So trans patients will get their own private rooms.  Some will see that as preferential treatment

Barry, More likely the trans people will see it as discrimination and moan that they're being excluded.

Has the NHS stopped the mixed sex wards?

I hooked this from the internet.


//All providers of NHS-funded care are expected to eliminate mixed-sex accommodation, except where it's in the overall best interests of the patient or reflects their personal choice.//

/The changes will give men and women the right to share wards with people of the same biological sex and have intimate care only from those of the same sex, The Daily Telegraph reported last night./


Actually, I far prefer care from male nurses and doctors. They are far kinder Would I have the right to chose?  Just a thought!

//I far prefer care from male nurses and doctors. They are far kinder //

I'll pass that on  to my daughter, I am sure she will be pleased.  She does Jacksie surgery to you had better hope she doesnt have to do yours at some point 🤣

Glad we got to the bottom of this YMB!

What would happen if a boy at an all-boy grammar school decided to identify as female and want to be addressed with female pronouns ? 

The whole subject must be a nightmare for headteachers, in fact, all teachers nowadays.

they wouldn't brainiac, can you imagine the peace taking?

I read recently that school staff must address pupils in accordance to the sex/gender they were born with

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Trans Patients To Be Banned

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