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More Problems On The Horizon.

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gulliver1 | 19:15 Tue 03rd Oct 2023 | News
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Big problems ahead,as Johnson, Cummings and Hancocks WhatsApp messages  reveal Tory infighting over Covid. There were no plans They hadn't got a clue Hancock even said that "Without symptons it was highly unlikely that someone was suffering from coronavirus.



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Will you be doing your own documentation on here Gulliver?

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At another meeting of Con MPs during the Covid crisis .They said "just let it rip they've had a good innings" in reference to elderly people who were more at risk of dying if they contacted Covid

Have you a writing pad?

Will they require the taking of people fingerprints?

Downing street had all the latest information on covid before the rest of us.

and yet appeared to ignore it with affairs, parties etc.

Obviously they didn't seem to take it so seriously?



Neither did Labour

Labour weren't passing laws they had no intention of obeying themselves.

But they still ignored them, Boris had a bit of cake whilst BLM rioted and Keir had a curry.

Ignoring laws is common, though Labour didn't seem to do much of it. Ignoring laws you've passed yourself is sheer hypocrisy. A woman from Hackney who held a party on the same day as Boris was fined £16,000. I wonder if Boris was...

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At another meeting Boris was told by another Idiot who was a bigger idiot than Boris to just tell the public to wash their hands and sing Happy Birthday ..twice,

...And they did..

Hancock needed to sing happy birthday for a couple of days when washing his, the places he was putting them in the passage way, behind closed doors.

What problems are on the horizon?

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Even Sir Patrick Valance ,the Chief Scientific adviser says his advice was cherry picked and changes were made by the Johnson Mafia to suit the Cons and their Cronies. Whilst people were dying.

you ask the troll op  a question...he refuses to answer just posts more obsessive drivel...and still he gets away with it

We all know that Bojo the Clown fkd it up. That was because he didn't care. Still doesn't. The average age of people who died from Covid was 80 yrs old, which backs up Gullivers'comments at 19.21

//Whilst people were dying.//


Including Boris's mum.

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More Problems On The Horizon.

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