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Brexit Has Demonstrated Beyond Doubt, We Have Become A Country Of Rule Takers And Not Rule Makers

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Hymie | 21:25 Sat 14th Oct 2023 | News
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The EU has passed legislation that bans the import of goods linked to deforestation from 2025.  If the UK wants to continue exporting goods to the EU, then we will have to pass similar laws to guarantee that goods and materials entering the UK meet these requirements for possible onward export to the EU.

The UK government has said that they plan to introduce such laws.

There was no say from any UK representatives in this EU law (having left the EU), that we have no alternative but to adopt.

My mate Phil explains the finer points in this youtube video, including what a disaster not passing such EU laws into UK law would be for the UK.



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Have you ever had an original thought, hymie, or do you need spoon feeding these, frankly, quite esoteric reasons why Brexit, according to you, is a bad thing?

I would remind you, I voted remain. 

TBH I am quite well disposed toward young Hymie at the moment. Now the site is full of fans of Hamas terrorists.

Shalom 🤷🏻‍♂️

"My mate Phil"  AKA yet another sad and bitter loser....

All thanks to English Tories and Scottish SNPers,Hymie.A plague on both their houses.

Three and a half years ago and Brexit is still a hot topic?

After umpteen years of pointless debates prior to Brexit?

How dull you and your mate Phils life must be.



Just because on balance the EU doesn't work for us doesn't mean they were without some valid ideas.  They were good on some green issues and why waste time and money creating legislation from scratch when we can take a working set up and tweak it to suit our needs.  

I think you forget that many of us wanted to leave because of the changes from the idea of the European set up we voted to join.  Had it simply stayed a common market rather than trying for unification by the back door we would still be members.

Good post rowanwitch, it was a good idea at the beginning but what happened after wasn't.  I think Hymie has been brainwashed by his mate Phil as there are not many posts of his that don't mention his name.

All exporters have to export goods subject to the importing country's regs. No change there. But Brexit ensures we decide our regs not some foreign elite.


Why is this irrelevance being brought up again as if it made some kind of point ?

-- answer removed --

BTW, while vetoes get abolished what little say any EU member got in EU law gets diminished to approach zero anyway.

Take back control of our Borders . Stop immigration. The only thing this shower of *** has stopped is HS2 . OK.

08.37  Mod attention!!!  

@08.38.Never mind Gulliver ,at least us Scots have a IndyRef2 to look forward to next thursday.I still havent recieved my polling card,i hope i get it before thursday.

the more tgulliver1 gets riled by the Conservatives and Brexit the better

How odd that the Brexiteers want us to stop talking about Brexit.

You would think they should be out there celebrating the Sunlit Uplands.  Err.........

Brexit Has Demonstrated Beyond Doubt, We Have some crybabies that can't stop demonstrating they are cry babies 

//How odd that the Brexiteers want us to stop talking about Brexit.//


Who has said that?  I see some asking for original thought but surely that would be to have a decent debate not close it down.

You are a very confused person, it is the extreme left like you that close debate.

Hymie, I know you feel strongly about some of these things but maybe write something from the heart, in your own words.  It would go a lot further than posting an oddball video no one will watch anyway and maybe there can eb some good debate.

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Brexit Has Demonstrated Beyond Doubt, We Have Become A Country Of Rule Takers And Not Rule Makers

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