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Good News For The Tory Government (No, Not The By-Elections)

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Hymie | 15:04 Fri 20th Oct 2023 | News
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A recent inquiry report has exonerated the government of corruption.



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Was that the ' uk government' he was talking about ?

Might have been speaking about the Murrells and the missing £600,000 from the SNPs accounts,anne.

šŸ¤£Brilliant video Hymie PMSL šŸ¤£keep them comingšŸ¤£

Not many Tory posters on this post then Hymie.They are probably still licking their wounds after the thrashing they had from the two

By Elections last thursday.šŸ¤£

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Good News For The Tory Government (No, Not The By-Elections)

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