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Brexit Is Responsible For An £850 Million Drop In Beauty Product Exports From The Uk To The Eu

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Hymie | 17:04 Fri 27th Oct 2023 | News
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Just imagine what the total UK export losses due to Brexit must be.



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Forgot to say; Allelujah, praise the Lord!

and don’t forget – No downsides to Brexit.

Hymie, with what's going on in the world right now your obsession with Brexit seems even more pathetic than before.

If you though they were an ugly lot in the EUSSR before Brexit you wanna see em now. 

spot on naomi...hes a total embarassment, him and his sucker mate on here should seek some sort of help

"Brexit blamed..." Where have I heard that before...?!  

"There were some occasions where orders had been held up in customs for three months."

It didn't actually explain why that should be. No country should hold up its citizens and businesses to that extent. I wonder who is doing that, and why? Doesn't seem like the actions that "close trading partners" would take.

"...exports of personal care products from the UK to the EU have generally declined, compared with exports to the rest of the world which have been more constant since the Brexit referendum."

Looks like customers in the EU will have to go without,then. Meanwhile no doubt the exporters who are being pee'd about by the customs authorities in EU nations will develop their markets elsewhere.

We've taken back control of our beauty product exports.

No way are we going to let the EU demand what they want to buy from us any more.

All thanks to English Tories and Scottish SNPers,Hymie.Bloody nationalists,eh.

Because we're worth it

YNNAFYMMI, you have been telt a fair few times now, even if NO SNP voters voted to leave, the decision would not have been affected.


Tomus  21.47,,,,,Spot on.

@22.16.Perhaps not,TCL,but it shows that quite a few SNP voters were bigger Brexiteers than Scottish Tories or Scottish Labour voters.If the SNP was a minority party,29% of their voters would seem to be ineffectual,however they have something like 2.8 million voters.29% of 2.8 million is quite a lot of SNP Brexiteers,TCL.

SNP voters voting to leave did not make the difference between leaving and remaining.

So European ladies aren't going to grace the pages of fashion magazines anymore?

Gives your home grown a fighting chance😏


@01.33.I never said it did.I just pointed out that the English Tories were the main Brexiteers in England and the Scottish SNPers were the main Brexiteers in Scotland.

YNNAFYMMI, you posted, "All thanks to English Tories and Scottish SNPers" meaning what, exactly?

1ozzy, The UK is still part of Europe. 

Oh no ! EU women getting plainer every day. No wonder UK women are looking good these days.

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Brexit Is Responsible For An £850 Million Drop In Beauty Product Exports From The Uk To The Eu

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