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Two More Arbor Interfectores Arrested.......

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ToraToraTora | 16:55 Wed 01st Nov 2023 | News
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Chop their kin Scotches off with a chain saw if you as me. What sort of empty soul does that?



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Stumped me there TTT. 'Scotches'?

rocks? Err c....s

Again, we look for rational answers to irrantional behaviour, but they don't exist.

I am sure, if you asked these vandals why they did what they did, they would answer that they don't know, and that, sadly is the truth.

They have no reason for their behaviour because reasons involve rational thinking, and that is simply beyond people like this.

They act without thought, or apprecation of consequences, because again, that requires the ability to think beyond a basic level, and some people simply don't have that.

The Garda have offered to help in the search for t'ree fellers.

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Scotch eggs retro!

Ahhh legs. Ta

andy hughes, maybe we should hold the gov to account, for all the tree's lost for hs2.They act without thought, or apprecation of consequences.yes sums this gov up pefectly

Douglas 16.15 Brilliant  lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Two More Arbor Interfectores Arrested.......

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