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Real News Or Fake News

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Khandro | 08:47 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | News
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I recently opined on another news thread how I felt a picture of a child covered in blood was artificial because the blood (if it was blood) seemed to have no corresponding wounds and in this current Spectator there is a picture of a child sitting among rubble which is entirely generated to order by AI.

 Should be more careful in discerning just what we are looking at, as outlined on here:



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Be sure you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater though.

Someone else's blood den

Just because there is one faked photo, does not refute 4 000 dead under 15 - which is the Israeli figure innit?

I liked the video where someone says

"Look Look - there is a man hole or entrance to a terrorist tunnel hiding terrorists and an arms dump.

and so we drop a leedol bomb darn it.... ( boom bang a bang etc) and no terrorists ! all dead and gone !

oh, and the childrens hospital above it has gone as well, but hey that is  life and death in Gaza right now! Jesus there seem to be a lot of dead terrorists under 15 but what the hell! "

If anyone creates a fake photo, you have to figure out who and why ...

Clearly if you're reading the news, you want to trust the news provider ... and even then, be cautious.

More info here:

Sadly, we can no longer trust "The camera does not lie".

Disinformation is a terrible blight on human communications, but is rife in cyberspace.

The camera has always been capable of 'lying'.

Question Author

This is the completely artificial intelligence produced picture I mention above from the Spectator;

With this company, I could request & obtain (for a fee) a picture of Boris Johnson ( or maybe you) naked on horseback riding through the streets of Coventry singing 'Deutschland über alles' & get it.

We are entering a new age. Prenez garde !

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Real News Or Fake News

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