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Cameron Made Foreign Secretary

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Hymie | 23:21 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | News
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Those Brexiteers who hate the EUSSR for their (false) belief in that there is an inherent lack of democracy within the EU parliament, must be wondering how our glorious Mother of Parliaments, and democracy (ensuring those in power can be held to account) can have a Home Secretary who isn’t even an MP.


Just how corrupt is British politics when someone with Cameron’s dodgy past can be appointed to such high office without a single person in the UK voting for him – democracy or what?



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You're inaccurate.  James Cleverley is our new home secretary.  But don't let facts get in the way of your trolling.

Question Author

Err I mean Foreign Secretary – of course, doh

Should have consulted scruffy Phil before starting a thread...tut, tut



Are you TTT in disguise?

Do you have any actual knowledge? Many ministers have been lords. The Prince of Darkness for example. Lord Salisbury was the PM from the Lords.

...I suppose we should be grateful that this idiotic post isn't accompanied by one of your 5C propaganda videos.

Don't worry, Hymie, your mate Phil from the bins will be on tomorrow offering his 'expert' opinion.  But to answer your question, we (the public) don't elect a 'cabinet'; it's the PM's job to decide who is in there. If you don't like it, vote for Labour and you'll get led by a Knight of the realm and his ragbag of miscellaneous chumps, and who knows which Lord's he could bring to the table, perhaps Slimeball Mandelson, Two Jags Prescott or Jack (don't mention Iraq) Straw.

Sir Alec Douglas Home wasn't even an MP when he first became PM, he was in the Lord's. 

After being PM he too returned as Foreign Secretary.

22:52 Seriously, there's no point in responding to the OP with actual historical facts - what on earth were you thinking...? 😀

It wasn't that many years ago (1982) during the Falklands conflict that Lord Peter Carrington was the foreign secretary, working out of the foreign office and the house of Lords.

and it was such a disaster that it finished Margt Thatcher's little plan to have ministers ( b ack ) in the LOrds

They have never have needed to be an MP as far as I am aware.


You vote for your representative (who isn't interested in your view except to agree with it just before a GE). The unelected monarch then choses one to form a government. That 'first among equals' choses his team (cabinet).


Unsure why you seem surprised. Or claim it is corruption.

Oh, and the elected facade at the EU have no chance of putting policy forward. Can't have elected representatives doing that. That is the exclusive right of the Commission. Whereas our parliament is able to do just that. That is why it is reasonable for our parliament to be considered close enough to democracy to claim it, while the EU makes no attempt to be democratic whatsoever, but simply tolerates the elected section as they as a group will do as they're told.

When I saw this on the Sky news banner yesterday I thought I was watching an old Breaking News story. Where did they drag him up from? At least he doesn't still have that shiny ham face. He looks like an elder statesman, now. 

well another pint with his old mucker Xi on the cards then - no bad thing what with the various tensions/issues with the choptick-crunchers.

I've asked the Ed to amend the heading of this thread.


I'm not happy about this appointment.  One thing that does concern me is that Cameron is a Remainer.

Seems like an act of desperation to me. The PM clearly doesn't think he has anyone suitable to replace Braverman, so bring back good 'ol Dave!

For once you do have a valid point Hymie, but why couldnt you make it without all the rubbish ranting?

Cameron is unelected, unlike others he was not selected to be a MP by the public.  Yes it is not the first time, but that doesnt make it right.  To make matters worse he has been put into that position by someone else who wasant elected.  True the public never vote for a PM but the Party does.  In this case the one the party wanted suffered a coup by the mates of the present incumbant who was placed in there.  Again, true it has been done before (see Brown) but at that point I registered my disdain so here again I mut say the same.

I would not be surprised if Camerons appointment was to take the heat off Bravermans sacking. It wont work Rishi, you and you liberal green RINO's are toast


"It wont work Rishi, you and you liberal green RINO's are toast"


do you expect the conservatives to be like the US republicans? the latter are a fascist party

I am still trying to work out whether you really are daft or you are a wind up account.

I suspect the later, no one could write such rubbish normally.

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Cameron Made Foreign Secretary

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