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Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Good for her!

Let's  hope it makes some difference.

I think that's a different letter, Corby.

great letter and she's bang on. Ouch, ok Sunak is toast now.

He can't be toast.  Who's going to replace him?   They haven't got anyone else.  Oh hang on.  Cameron's just jumped back on the bandwagon.  Now there's a thought.

What a convoluted way to have a revote on the EU. 😊

The Tories really are determined to blow any chance they have of winning the next election. How stupid can they get?

I mean after the GE naomi.

Suella "Braverthananyman" in the Government. That is not a stab in the back    ... it is a stab in the front, side, neck and nuts. Good for her. Sunak  ...  "too small for his boots, too big for his suits" is toast. Especially after bringing back Cameron, who famously said after the Brexit results "I'm off, don't expect me to do all the hard work"! The creep is still up to his neck in collusion with China and the EUSSR. Perhaps mini me Sunak fancies a bit of payolla with the rest of them so he doesn't have to ask his missus or her father for permission when he wants to buy something.  Reform is required. 

She writes as though she is a boss who is reluctantly telling a failed underling that he has completely let her and the company down and so she has no other option than to let him go.

How things change! The other day Labour was doomed because Starmer was weak and under assault from his own party and all right thinking people. Today, well.....

This government deserves all it gets - but the electorate don't.  

My link in that thread is the text of her letter after being sacked, the other link was her previous resignation letter. 

>Suella has just published her resignation letter.

She didn't resign. She was fired as Home Secretary, for the second time in just over a year.

If she had any shred of integrity she would have resigned some time, with the exact same letter which was probably prepared weeks ago. But it's not about integrity, it's about revenge and backstabbing ...

sunak caved to the mob basically, he has no backbone, what he should have done is, pulled us out of the echr as soon as he was in office, ignored the courts over illegals and rwanda, pushed the boats back, no further and if they jump in the be it.

Too funny - roll on Wednesday. If the Tories lose the case...whoah!!!!

ELLIPSIS, "She didn't resign. She was fired as Home Secretary, for the second time in just over a year."


She wasn't sacked the first time, she resigned.

If Rodders can come up with a viable plan to stop the boats he'll win 10 minutes. The Politicians generally just don't seem to realise how peaced off people are with the boat thing. Any party that mkes the right noises will get a lot of support.

Thank you, Corby. Strange that she resigned over that faux pas, but didn't resign over everything she found wrong in her letter ...

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Suella's Letter To Sunak

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