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Sod The Working Class

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gulliver1 | 13:36 Wed 15th Nov 2023 | News
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Liz Truss "Con" Is to back a plan .To cut minimum wage,.....paid holidays, ...and redundancy pay....Says the former PM.

Who herself has earned £18,860 severence pay plus 1.5months salary as Pm.. £6,781..not bad for just 45 days work.

Plus £115 000 Annual allowance granted to all former PMs for the rest of her life.




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Well no she didnt, she backed a report from the Growth Commission.

And the Growth Commision havnt said they want to cut it quote: "Commission co-chairman Shanker Singham said: “There’s nothing wrong with the minimum wage - what matters in terms of competition is where it’s set. What we’re intending to do in the UK is move it to 66% of median wage - that’s far higher than any other OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) by next year and will be a significant drag on the economy. We are suggesting freezing it and targeting it down to 61%.”

It wont happen, its simply a school of thought and it does have valid points even if I disagree with them.

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Truss also backs this plan to cut income tax for the highest earners. Greater rail privatisation, and reforming the welfare.

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The plan also says the minimum wage of £10.42 an hour is actually destroying jobs because employers can't afford to take people on.But the tax payer can afford to take Liz Truss on and pay her a grand total of £25,64 for 45 days work ..

It needs to be at the genuine definition of a living wage for the nation setting it.  Not a comfortable lifestyle level but a survival one. People need the resource to live, but ought not feel they are owed a comfortable living by the rest of society so they need not bother.

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OG 13.24 "But ought not to feel they are  owed a comfortable living by the rest of society ,,so they need not bother. Unless of course  you are an ex Tory PM of 45 days service. Then this does not apply. OK

If someone is working in a regular job, don't they deserve more than a survival wage?

Does it matter what she thinks or supports? It's not going to happen. 

Does it matter what she does or doesn't support? I don't think she wields much influence does she?

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J Davis 15.40 "If someone is working in a regular job, don't they deserve more than a survival wage.? Wish I could get £25,000 for a part time job of 45 days like Truss did. Sod the regular job.

"don't they deserve more than a survival wage?"


One has to draw a line somewhere and that would have to be to define a "minimum" wage. For sure most would hope for more, but that is managed by finding it impossible to get staff at that level of renumeration, or finding a continual costly turnover. It's not up to government to define how much better than the minimum that should be offered. That is down to how much such work is valued by both parties.

If you are told your rate of pay before taking a job and you do not think the pay is enough well do not take the job.

Liz Truss, not much going on behind the eyes. A talent vacuum.

//Wish I could get £25,000 for a part time job of 45 days/


Should have worked harder at school then.  I get more than that for 45 days.

And yet you take time out to grace us with your highly valued presence on a regular basis.

We're indebted and in awe. 🙄

Eh, are you saying that becasue I earn a reasonable amount of money, half of which goes to pay for benefits/pensions etc, In should not have a view?


Not at all, just that you're very busy with high value employment, your appearances on this, the most renowned of all the chatty wee places and still have time for trumpet lessons.

The problem is many of you dont seem to understand how some jobs work.

I do not work 9:00 to 5:00, I work as I need to which is why some days you see me more than than others.

But have your snidy little laugh, remember it is people like me that pay your pension and benefits.

Your country thanks you for your unstinting, non-judgemental  service

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