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Some Time Ago I Suggested That The Zionists Might Want A Ratio...

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sandyRoe | 21:31 Wed 15th Nov 2023 | News
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...10-1 of deaths as revenge for the Hamas attack on them.  I thought that they'd look for a number about 20,000.

Are they close to that yet?



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Getting there.....
21:32 Wed 15th Nov 2023

Getting there.....

Depends who is doing the counting, sorry.  Hamas exaggerates (hospital courtyard explosion, they said 500 and it turned out to be nearer 15).  Don't know of any numbers issued by Israel.

11000. two thirds of which are women and children according to the Grauniad - but then given the local demographics, these numbers don't surprise me.

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OP. You reay cant hide your anti-semitism can you ?

no, I am anti-dead-baby - you can be antiIsraeli Army and not anti-semitic

Incredz someone offered incubators when there is no electricity in the building

we are looking at around 4500 dead babies ( parliamentary queston yesterday)

One spokesman said that the babies ( pre-dead obviously) could crawl down the Freedom Road, and if they didnt, they were obviously making a choice to stay, lethal or what?

one Hack pointed out the Freedom Road was being bombed and he answered - well they crawl around the craters then dont they?

the last comment was satirical

The "Zionists"?

Dear me

I was gonna say - Viets oh dear

10:1 there - and that was fifty y ago ! and engendered the MacNamara fallacy - body counts measure if you are winning the war

"The Zionists"-Isnt that what Hitler called them also?

Question Author

Now that Godwin's law has come into play we might consider one element of Nazism that the Zionists are happy enough to adopt, that of Lebensraum.

Not "quite" the same thing is it sandy: "Lebensraum" for the Nazis implied extra space, not a homeland for a persecuted people.

I'm rather disappointed in you, at the risk of souding pompous.

Question Author

Are they really so different?  Both, in their time,  saw themselves as the chosen people and taking the lands of the untermensch was a righteous act.

The want to eliminate your mates at Hamas sandy, only you are keeping score.

Question Author


Listen to the news.  Even the Americans are blanching at the number of innocents being killed.

I don't care, your baby beheading buddies in Hamas started it. They are the cowards using innocents as human sheilds it's all at their door.

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Jesus Tora, wind your neck in. Your faux outrage is wearying.

I can't abide terrorist supporting scum.

"Untermensch" ??

I'll tell you tho the "Untermenschen" are Sandy. It's what the ordinary Palestinians are to Hamas and to Hezbollah and to Iran. Pawns in a bigger game.

No one argues that the occupation of Palestinian land isn't problematic, particular the recent West Bank settlements although as far as I am aware Palestinians historically had the chance to agree to a two state solution and they rejected it. So we are were we are: Israel living next door to and being constantly attacked by a terrorist enclave. Wherein incidentally the people are also enslaved by their rulers. I used to be a lot more sympathetic to Palestine until I realised that. It was in any case horrifying to think that Hamas had been voted in in Gaza in 2007 or whenever it was.

No one is cheering the terrible death toll in Gaza, far from it, but to paint all this as revenge killings is outrageous.

Who died and made Tora abuser-in-chief?

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Some Time Ago I Suggested That The Zionists Might Want A Ratio...

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