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Kids Given Time Off School To Support Terrorism

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Khandro | 22:14 Thu 16th Nov 2023 | News
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What is going on indeed ?



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erm is a group of kids chanting ceasefire - terrorism

or is it the children telling the better and elder adults to stop killing babies,

in fact I admit- if one less dead child is terrorism then I am a terrorist

Question Author

//erm is a group of kids chanting ceasefire - terrorism//

nope, try harder.

Khandro. What do you think kids should chant?  Death to the enemy? Peace to our fellow humans? Kids only chant if their parents train them to do it.

Is that Tice in the video? This is vile propganda and aimed only a

... whipping up hatred between humans.

Khandro: "Kids Given Time Off School To Support Terrorism"

Why do you post such silly headlines? Some here have said that you are artistic and you have claimed to be spiritual; but you come across as intolerant and rather hateful.

I hope I am wrong.

We have another school "strike" in Bristol today, fine the parent, they are playing truant.


The children shouldn't be missing school for politics at all but calling for a ceasefire isn't supporting terrorism.  That's a silly headline, khandro.

#headline fail

I dont think you have taken the mass of AB with you here.

(idea!) another stupid headline to er "exercise" us

Well, it has worked. Hamas and the IDF have agreed a ceasefire.

Also you can now take your kids out of school on a whim and not get fined.

It's a win win.


Obviously today's LOB thread.

someone tell me what a LOB is - no not  a lobb, I have some idea

and  when someone is doing a LOB, do you say " o he;s got a lobb on" ?

Well, it has worked. Hamas and the IDF have agreed a ceasefire. have they or is this just AB on friday ?

He's absolutely right, it's disgusting.

Question Author

naomi; //The children shouldn't be missing school for politics at all but calling for a ceasefire isn't supporting terrorism. //


Of course it is. The reason all Muslims want a ceasefire is to protect Hamas, which is a proscribed terrorist organization, so that it can regroup &  fight Israel again.

Question Author

You want to know more about the real Hamas leadership, well they are not there;

 'For more than a decade, Qatar has played host to Hamas, allowing it to operate out of Doha. The Qataris have given sanctuary to (among others) Hamas leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Meshaal. These men do not share the suffering of the people they claim to care about – the Arabs in Gaza. They make sure that these people get as little of the international aid money that comes their way as possible. Poverty-stricken Palestinians are what Haniyeh and Meshaal need: it bolsters their international begging-bowl abilities. Which in turn bolsters their own bank accounts. For of course there is a reason why people in Gaza are poor. What happened to all that international aid money that countries like ours have handed over since Israel withdrew in 2005? Not mismanagement, that’s for sure. Hamas isn’t the NHS. The Hamas leadership engages in corruption on the grandest of scales. Which means that while Hamas doesn’t provide for the people in Gaza, its leaders can afford to live in great luxury in Doha among other places....'


The Spectator

Khandro, I hadn't watched that video when I last posted.  I just looked at the children holding their placards on the front of your link..  Kids calling for a ceasefire is not the same as kids marching with Palestinian colours and chanting 'From the river to the sea'.   That is worrying.  If anyone else hasn't watched it go to 3.27.

Question Author

^^ Thank you, it looks like dave50 watched it too

That made my blood run cold, khandro.

So will it be support the rail workers next ?...ridiculous...

wonder if theyve been told the truth about whats happening and how the murderous terrorist scum  hamas caused and started all this with their attack, and how hamas use public buildings eg hospitals to locate command centres etc etc and how they use civilians as "shields"....nah didnt think so...probably just lessons about how  the evil israelis

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Kids Given Time Off School To Support Terrorism

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