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94% Of Small And Medium Size Businesses Report That Brexit Has Made Trade Harder Than Ever

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Hymie | 16:02 Fri 17th Nov 2023 | News
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SME’s provide half of all jobs in the country; the Brexit impact includes reducing staff levels or closing down completely.

My mate Phil explains more in the video.

Someone (not me) responded to the video with the following message:-

Over the last seven years, I've been compiling a list of all the benefits of Brexit to the UK, as and when they became apparent. To date, the list is indistinguishable from a blank sheet of paper.

Allelujah, praise the Lord!




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They should learn to do their job better then, as they don't seem cut out for it. There will be plenty that are.

It's being so cheerful that keeps you going Hymie isn't it?

Question Author

or maybe we should just reverse Brexit, and enjoy all the benefits of being part of the EU.

All thanks to the English Tories and the Scottish SNPers,Hymie.You have never given me your view of the nationalist Brexiteer SNP,Hymie.What is your view of these nationalist nut-jobs?

YNNAFYMMI, care to explain how those SNP voters who voted for Brexit actually made a difference to the outcome?

17:37 You're wasting your time or, rather more accurately, flogging a dead horse.

It's amazing how the other 6% all live near me.

"My mate Phil"

even though its hilarious , why do you feel the need to keep letting this board know that its your mate, even though theres no proof of it...and secondly , as youre acting as a shill for  this so called mates vids i take it he earns more if you get peope to view his carp channel...

Question Author

Who amongst us would have been stupid enough to vote for Brexit, had they known the damage it would cause to British business?


and if you watch the full video, Phil explains that Brexit is not finished (by a long way), with further damage yet to be inflicted on British business.

Here we go again.  Anyone who disagrees with you is stupid.

Question Author

So it would be a sensible thing to vote for something that would damage British business?

Brexit hasn't damaged business. Like any change there is a disruptive period which capable professionals manage and those bumbling along clueless find difficult. It is incompetence that causes those individuals difficulty. Tbe rest settle down to the improved situation.


Besides while the economy is important it pales into insignificance next to sovereignty and being master of one's own destiny.

Question Author

Obviously 94% of those SME’s who responded to the survey are wrong.

Question Author

Having left the EU, where we had a say in the rules; we have now become a rule taker having to follow rules we have no say in (if we want to trade with the EU) – so much for sovereignty.

On the contrary. In the EU our say was so minimal without a veto that we effectively had zero say and were dictated to. Outside of the EU we have to follow no rules thst we don't agree with. Naturally any agreement requires compromise, but some seem to fail to understand that, or the fact that we need not sign any agreements we don't wish to sign (but that's more of an EU trick when it's busy cutting off it's own nose to spite someone else's face).

21.31. Hymie ..What a spot on answer.....  Absolute Truth....... You can't live on Sovereignty or fingers in ears whilst whistling Rule Britannia all day......."You reap what you sow".

@17.37.I never said it would make a difference,TCL.I just pointed out the fact that the SNP electorate were the main voters for Brexit up here in Scotland.

These days I visit local shops in the towns and villages near me a lot more than I used to. I also enquire about how their business has been affected over the past few years. Hymie might find this strange but the vast majority don't say brexit, they say Amazon.

Hymie.... you're failing to wriggle out of it. You said 'all thanks to ...'

Repeating a lie on every thread doesn't make it true

//Hymie might find this strange but the vast majority don't say brexit, they say Amazon.//


Careful, vulcan.  Reality confuses him.

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94% Of Small And Medium Size Businesses Report That Brexit Has Made Trade Harder Than Ever

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