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Dutch Elections

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Khandro | 23:19 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | News
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Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders is on course to win the most votes in parliamentary elections on Wednesday that were dominated by debate around rising immigration in the Netherlands.

Financial Times. Tonight

Finally, the tide seems to be turning?



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Seems that way. I suspect it's more a rejection of past government policies than a ringing endorsement of Geert.

His party might have won the most seats but even if the predicted number were correct he would be forty-one seats short of a majority in the 150-seat Parliament.

Question Author

Try to spin it how you like Corby but he has won & has a majority & here's why;

Immigration is at its highest for 20 years in the Netherlands, with 403,100 arrivals this year in a country of 17.5 million people at a time when Europe has faced a summer of rising migrant numbers.




It looks like Europe is finally waking up to the invasion.

Come on now TTT - the use of the word "invasion" causes the pearl-clutchers to have a fit of the vapours, even though if the numbers are correct, 403k arrivals in a single year in a country with a population of 17.5m, an invasion is exactly what it is.

an invasion usually suggests hostile intent doesn't it

"Try to spin it how you like Corby but he has won & has a majority & here's why"

I wasn't spinning anything. The BBC is reporting he is on his way to winning thirty-seven seats so where does your claim he has won a majority come from?



untitled: "an invasion usually suggests hostile intent doesn't it" - well yes and it does. When they get where they are going they'll do their best to turn it into the sheet hole they came from.

Question Author

Untitled //an invasion usually suggests hostile intent doesn't it//

Yes it does & that's exactly what it is. Have you not heard of 'The Great Replacement' it isn't a conspiracy theory it is actually happening all around us.

The French writer Renaud Camus as long ago as 1996 wrote, when making a survey of the department of Hérault, saw in medieval villages (and could have said similarly of parts of the UK).

There almost exclusively appeared a population never before seen in these parts, which by its dress, demeanour & even language seemed not to belong there but rather to another people, another culture, another history.

Erdogan has told the Muslims in Germany that every Muslim womb should bear a new Muslim baby in order, along with immigration, to outbreed the present indigenous population. It couldn't really be much clearer than that. 

"an invasion usually suggests hostile intent doesn't it"

That's one definition, but in the context of the point made, it's the wrong definition.

the great replacement theory was created by neonazis attempting to pivot and regain lost support in the 1970s. how unsurprising that you find it appealing khandro, you do often seem enchanted by far right ideology.

is there any proof that all (and i mean all) the people entering holland or europe are doing so with hostile intent? they are not organised in any way so there is no "refugee government" to hold accountable. i can understand worrying about security while asylum claims are being processed but to simply say that every last one of them is a hostile entity would seem to legitimise those who wish to "fight back" against the invader with violence if you catch my drift


so you think it is an invasion but... not a hostile one? isn't that just a word for people moving from one area into the other. i "invaded" the room i'm waiting in if you want to define it like that. 

KHANDRO, why are you claiming Wilders has won a majority in the Dutch Parliament?

Untitled, as the Muslim population grows do you think it will meld in or get increasingly hostile to the host nations?

i think it varies and depends on a lot. 

"an unwelcome intrusion into another's domain"

I think the vast vast majority do not have hostile intent, but they are generally unwelcome due to the additional burden they place on the country in which they are settling. 

it seems a bit unfair to blame the migrants for being unwelcome

untitled, what word would you use instead of "invasion"? Diaspora perhaps?


i think it varies and depends on a lot. 


That answer tells me you think they will become more hostile but you don't want to say it.

I'm always amazed how Muslims can arrange a mob at the drop of a hat.

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Dutch Elections

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