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Uk Net Migration Up To 745,000

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Roobaba | 11:30 Thu 23rd Nov 2023 | News
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So UK Net Migration up to 745,000... wonderful, or not..?

Net Migration to UK in 2022 revised upwards to 745,000

Vast majority arriving to UK are from outside the EU

Keep the EU people out,  more non-EU people in..




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Not. Release the hounds.

i read that the number of visas granted to care home workers has gone from about 12,000 last year to about 70,000 

if you want to cut immigration them fund social care properly and stop counting students

But this wasn't supposed to happen. Boris told you that he was going to take back control of our own Borders.... Don't you remember.

if you want to cut immigration...stop counting students

Of course students should be counted. They live here, they require support from vital services, they need somewhere to live. If you don't count them, how is all that to be planned for.

But it's worse than that. The government has effectively sub-contracted out the issue of controlling student migrant numbers to universities. They have effectively said that anybody who can pay their fees can come. This has led to a two tier admissions system; universities can charge what they like to overseas students but are restricted in what they can charge UK applicants. UK applicants are therefore viewed less favourably (because they bring fewer £££s) and are denied places  even when emininently qualified. As well as that, for some inexplicable reason visas are granted to students' dependants. Quite why this should be is anybody's guess. If people from abroad wish to study in the UK they should appreciate that their dependants will be on their own for three years and make arrangements accordingly.

The country has had to find accommodation for three quarters of a million extra people in 2022. This number is greater than the population of every town and city in the UK except London and Birmingham and it is utterly ridiculous to expect the country to continue to absorb such vast numbers. This sort of increase is clearly unsustainable and is already leading to  to all manner of problems.

won't copy paste because it is long but i agree for the most part with your outsourcing comment re students and fees newjudge... 

it seems silly to me include students in the migration figures because the vast majority do not stay beyond their courses of study, students tend to share housing between them and most of the international ones come from very wealthy families simply because of how high the fees are... so they are largely self-funding. students are also much younger so their use of health services (except perhaps GUM clinics lol) is much more limited... plus uk universities are so dependent on them for funding that it seems self destructive to set a target of lowering immigration and then have most of it eaten up by students 

An appalling state of affairs. Although the bigger picture would need to take into account temporary visitors v permanent remainers.


We have plenty of work capable folk presently unemployed, there is little excuse to import workers.


Government needs to get a grip. uk universities are so dependent on them for funding.

That's because there are too many universities (with some not worthy of the title) and too many people attending them (some not fully capable of absorbing a proper tertiary education).

If the University system was to be properly rationalised back to its pre-1992 level and the numbers attending drastically reduced, the government could properly fund it for the main benefit of UK students. 

i agree with that too!

Ah yes - that nice Mr Blair who wanted one in two kids to go to university. The son of a friend of mine, late 20s, nice kid who I've known since he was born, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer, obtained a Desmond in animation - he's now a mechanic, just like his dad.

Don't get me wrong, a very worthwhile job, the difference being had he become an apprentice at 18 he wouldn't now have a large student debt...although (I understand from his dad) he hasn't reached the threshold yet for when he starts paying.



That'll be the same Mr Blair that started this whole excessive immigration thing - to rub the tories noses in it.

I guess we have more room now, what with all those old folk Boris was so keen to let die of covid, according to the report.

This number of course is not sustainable, students or not.

Everyone in the country needs somewhere to live and needs services. These services include Hospitals, Police, Education, NHS, roads/transport gas and electricty plus of course Broadband and a plethora of other things.

Bringing this number in the services will collapse which is not good for the current residents or those arriving.

A proper immigration policy is required (Yes we do need immigration).  This policy needs long term planning and enforced numbers to match the plan, those who force themselves need to be removed.  Failure to do so will see the rise of the real far-right, and that will not be pleasant for any of us.

//That'll be the same Mr Blair that started this whole excessive immigration thing - to rub the tories noses in it.//


According to some folk on here, Blair was one of yours and he doesn't count as Labour. 😉

///According to some folk on here, Blair was one of yours and he doesn't count as Labour//

And what has that got to do with the price of butter on this thread?

We don't need immigration. We already too many people, we need to shrink the population, not grow it. Continuous expansion is unsustainable in the long term for any nation so the sooner that's accepted then the sooner the issue can be tackled.

And what has that got to do with the price of butter on this thread?


Valid response imo.

//We don't need immigration.//

Although some may find it surprising I write this, but yes we do, most certainly if you want your pension to be paid.

The population is aging, the current youngsters (including migrants) tend to breed less so the workforce will drop meaning the GDP drops and we all become very poor.

As I said, we need a long term plan that includes accomodating everyone (services/homes etc) along with immigration(net) to match.  So controlled immigration.

It's the same suspects who all p*** in the same pot who want open borders but also want net zero. They are  not compatible.

The population may be aging but the important bit is whether a nation has enough workforce to cover the cost of running the country, it's srvices etc.. This doesn't need immigration as there are sufficient working age individuals here already. And pensions depend on investment and the economy which need not be related to immigration. This ageing population excuse is well overused. There is always both those creating the wealth and those who need help either because they can't find another income or have already done their bit and so are entitled to receive now it's their turn. Continuous immigration just  exacerbates the ovecrowding and makes for a larger problem over time. The sooner it's sorted, the better.

Hell in a handcart.

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Uk Net Migration Up To 745,000

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