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Ons Immigration Stats Now Out

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Khandro | 17:40 Thu 23rd Nov 2023 | News
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The latest immigration statistics for 2023 have just been released by the ONS, with the headline figure for net migration estimated at 672,000. That’s an increase of 65,000 compared to last year. This comes about as total long-term immigration was estimated at around 1.2 million, and emigration was 508,000. Most people arriving to the UK in the year ending in June 2023 were non-EU nationals (968,000), followed by EU (129,000) and British (84,000). The “migration down to the tens of thousands”  Will the Tories have to work hard to spin this… ?



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Not concerned with legal immigration as such - this figure  can be  controlled and adjusted.  How much of the net migration  figure of 672,000 is illegal immigration?  That's the sticking point.

I visited the large Tesco's in York on Monday - on way to lunch with daughter - and I haven't been there for over a year.  I found myself feeling quite a stranger - so many people speaking different languages around me. Some were probably Ukranian and I  recognised a few Polish phrases, but that's not the point.  The point  is  that there were so many that it was noticeable and the place felt different.

I've absolutely nothing against Ukranians and Poles (coming from Bradford some of my best friends were and are Polish/half Polish) it was just that it was noticeable for the first time.

The Tories will have to work hard - some places have over-many concentrations of illegal migrants.  This must be  unsettling for the  original residents.



Not concerned with legal immigration as such - this figure  can be  controlled and adjusted. 

But it isn't being controlled. The government has sub-contracted out the issue of student visas to Universities who have been told they can enrol as many foreign students as they like. And that's just one aspect of it. More tomorrow.

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5,000 Chinese student at the one university of Edinburgh. It seems that these thousands of students legally entering the UK,  are also allowed to bring in 'dependants' who are also coming in, in large numbers, which begs the question; how many people are actually dependent on students ?

Sorry both, I hadn't realised that these were legal immigrants.  Yes, the universities have to accept a lot of blame.  When were students allowed to bring in such a lot of family members?  Probably another issueof they never usedtodo it so there areno laws to stop it and nowadays it is being abused.

Visiting students are supposed to pay for themselves - or were.

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Ons Immigration Stats Now Out

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