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Now Even Michel Barnier Makes A U-Turn!

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Khandro | 12:57 Sat 25th Nov 2023 | News
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In an interview with the Financial Times he writes:

“For 30 or 40 years, there’s a kind of interpretation that is always in favour of the migrants . . . We have to rewrite something in the [EU] treaties or in the [European Convention of Human Rights]. We have to create a constitutional shield [allowing national law to take precedence], and to ask the French people to decide. The EU today is no longer the EU that the UK left. We have begun to draw the lessons of Brexit.”

He blamed the European Court of Justice for policies that limit states’ freedom in the name of national security and seemingly reflected Sunak’s stance on the ECHR, claiming current policies have been written in favour of migrants. 

In a warning to all Remoaners who want to rejoin the bloc, he said the EU is not the same as the one the UK left…



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As usual Britain shows Europe the way. I look forward to the next exit, hopefully it will start a stampede and this insidious bloc will dissolve.

A Brexiteer presenting Barnier as an example of wisdom - PMSL.

.....then Europe can start again with a proper group of cooperating nations as it started out.

A Brexiteer presenting Barnier as an example of wisdom - PMSL.



Where's that then?

Did he add, "What a bunch of utter fools we EU controllers and supporters have been", in that same interview ?

Question Author

Article begins;

'Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has appeared to make quite the u-turn on his Britain bashing views, now admitting “we have begun to draw lessons of Brexit”. The former candidate for French President called for national protections from EU law to grapple with “out of control” immigration, reiterating his view that France should establish a “constitutional shield” to prevent decisions from his previous employers. He also called for the “French people to decide” on these issues. Something Britain was bashed for letting its own people do…'

Nice that 😄

sad really

one suddenly realises that a whole swathe of euro politicians ( not only Bojo) were hopeless duds

A Brexiteer presenting Barnier as an example of wisdom - PMSL.

even the dumbest fool can say the wisest thing - - look at AB - ter daaah !

Question Author

Canary; //A Brexiteer presenting Barnier as an example of wisdom - PMSL.//

I sometimes wonder if you are a virtue signaller, demonstrating your, oh so, liberal credentials, (which cost you nothing on the internet)  while peeing yourself laughing (better change your pants).

Or are simply someone mentally-challenged.

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Now Even Michel Barnier Makes A U-Turn!

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