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What Will Happen Once The Hostages Are All Freed Or Killed?

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Atheist | 22:17 Sun 26th Nov 2023 | News
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Will Israel praise the Lord and pass the ammunition? Will they decide that a single nuclear bomb would eliminate Hamas once and for all? I worry that Jewish fundamentalists will push for such a move.



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Have a look at Israel on the map.  A scrap of land.  A nuclear bomb wouldn't just affect Gaza.  

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Naomi; I agree. I don't think the Israeli govt would do such a thing, but there is a lot of religious righteousnes at large on both sides, and a desperate Israeli leader who might do something daft. We've got a wave of madness at the moment - Putin, Hamas, Argie president, Wilders.....

If all the hostages on both sides are freed, then what have Hamas achieved?  A reported (by them) 14,000 Gazans killed and large parts of their territory reduced to rubble.

I've no doubt videos of Palestinians calling Hamas *** is of any interest to some...So I won't bother.

Iran has been trying to develop nuclear weapons for years. I wonder why.

You're worrying - or scaremongering -  for nothing, atheist, 

They will continue the work of eliminating Hamas which is exactly what they should do.

There can not be a peace agreement with an organisation that doesn't want peace.

Nuclear weapons will not be required.

All thanks to the Hamas terrorists actions on 7th October,Atheist.These Jew hating numpties never think things through first.Mind you,it was Putin and the Iranians who were behind this terrorist stunt.The Hamas terrorists have their own peoples blood on their hands.

nothing. they'll continue to ethnically cleanse Gaza (or at least Gaza city) and take it for themselves.

They won't ethnically cleanse Gaza.  You seem to have a very strange notion of the demographics of the area.

"Argie president, Wilders....."

and what have they done that m under your "wave of madness" umbrella ?


they are already doing it naomi

"and what have they done that come under your "wave of madness" umbrella ?"

The incoming Argentinian President has made the traditional noises about the Falklands (as all incoming senior Argentian politicians do).

Geert Wilders has called for a radical re-think of the EU's asylum and immigration policy (as all incoming senior European politicians should do).

Among the criticism levelled at Mr Wilders, he has been accused of calling some Dutch Moroccans "scum" during the 2017 election campaign. Apparently it's perfectly in order to call Tory politicians "scum" so I don't know what all the fuss is about.

untitled, so what are they going to do about all the other Palestinians who don't live in Gaza? 

Are they going to kill them all?  

If they don't leave then it looks that way yes

What all those people running businesses and driving taxis in Jerusalem too?

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What Will Happen Once The Hostages Are All Freed Or Killed?

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