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The Latest Rwanda Plan Scuppered – By Rwanda

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Hymie | 17:20 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | News
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Ha ha ha.




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The Rwanda scandal has only cost the tax payer £140 million so far there is a long way to go yet before those Tory pockets stop getting lined.

-- answer removed --

Another welcome video Hymie ,,, Bet TTT enjoyed it.

toratoratora - stop describing your fellow contributors that way. If I have to delete another instance you will be suspended. This is your final warning.

well when they purr with pleasure about any set back the country has what would you call them mr mod?

About time too

I would find a different way to debate with someone who doesn't have the same views as me. People are entitled to hold a view without being insulted.

The warning stands.

ok but it's not an insult is it?

These posts really cheer one up I must say!!!  It's a cold winter's day could we please have some cheer on here instead of constant attempts to put us all down?

Thank you.

tora - stick to answering the question. I have no intention of discussing this aany more with you.

The warning stands.

but the trolls that start the problems on here are allowed to carry on trolling...

-- answer removed --

webbo3 - Please do not alter usernames for your own amusement.

There is no need for you to reply to this message.

Actually there is, I reported gulliver for insulting me and nothing happened, care to explain why, or is gulliver protected like we all know he is.

webbo3 - The mods don't see reports. I have no idea which thread you are talking about.


You should never argue with the referee!

Hymie 'Ha ha ha.' .. may I add my Ha ha ha, but we really shouldn't laugh, we do know better, it truly is an absurd plan we can all agree on that? For those that really believe it to be the best plan since Baldrick said to Blackadder "I have a cunning plan", then please please do enlighten us. Anything to stop the inane comments of the 'less than polite' ABers.

Not mentioning any names, or giving any hints who I mean..

ToraToraTora 'well when they purr with pleasure about any set back the country has what would you call them mr mod?'

As Atheist says 'You should never argue with the referee!'

To clarify (I have worked it out formyself with no help!)

..between 17:14 and 17:19

-- answer removed --

Oops, bother I didn't mean to post that.. >_<

secretmod@20:46. I guarantee you will see them in the future.

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The Latest Rwanda Plan Scuppered – By Rwanda

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