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The Dangers Of The Dark Web

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Canary42 | 00:04 Tue 28th Nov 2023 | News
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This appalling case (Warning: link not for sensitive folk) shows just how dangerously pervasive the dark web can be on gullible teenagers.

Surely it's time to put together an effective anti-cyber-crime oranisation to stamp out such dangerous influences, and back it up with significant new laws.




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You don't know the half of it...

Is this a folie a Deux? On their own they may have never come to the attention of the authorities.  Together they're like a junior version of Brady and Huntley.


Question Author

Or Huntley and Carr

Brady and Hindley and Huntley and Carr were adults, these are just teens, children really.

What on earth possess them? 

If only it were that simple.  Our government can only legislate for this country and and the internet is worldwide.

Unless you want the country to become like China (and even they are not 100%) and block all comms then you cant stop this and as Barry points out "what law"?


You can't "stamp out" the so-called "dark web". The "dark web" is just "the web" accessed differently 

Can we not just blame the murderers for a change?

There doesn't have to be another reason every time, they're just bad people.

What a horrendous case.

"The dark web" is one thing, "what's on" the dark web is something else ... illegal content is illegal content, no matter what the channel. For example, how to make a bomb - this wiki page gives food for thought, and further links, that would apply to all sorts of situations:

And if you really want to get into Internet censorship, start here:

In summary ... it's complicated.

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The Dangers Of The Dark Web

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