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Proof That Only The Good Die Young

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Untitled | 08:36 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | News
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the monstrous henry kissinger has finally died...  having never been to jail for his appaling crimes against humanity 

bombing of cambodia 

chilean coup 

east timor genocide 

bangladeshi genocide 

all brought about or encouraged by this vicious monster. spare a thought for his victims today - he certainly never did



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What a horrible thing to say!!!

Ridiculous post: you should be ashamed.
Admittedly I was never  his number one fan, but at least he revised his position on Ukraine and admitted he had been wrong. 

Question Author

erm i don't think you can compensate for crimes against humanity by being supportive of ukraine can you 

the bombings of lao and cambodia were crimes against humanity... so was the chilean coup. he was deeply involved with both. he also armed and endorsed west pakistan and indonesia in committing their horrifying genocides in south asia. 

and for crimes he got to live to 100 in comfort and veneration... we all have to die sometime so i won't be shedding any tears or saying any words of respect for henry kissinger. 

Well good for you in your bitter little world but Kissinger wasn't a "war criminal". It's impossible to have done his job in a big and dangerous world as a representative of a superpower without having been connected to some of the things he's been connected with, but a true war criminal is someone who conjures evil out of nothing. Impossible to ha e clean hands in such a role as the one I described above but he was also involved in many peace initiatives.

Taking Ukraine as an example suppose he had negotiated some form of deal with war criminal Putin, that would earn my severe dislike but it wouldn't tar him with the same brush.

Question Author

he did conjur the cambodia/lao bombings out of nothing though. it was he who devised nixon's "secret plan" to end the war in vietnam and it was he who engineered the deliberate sabotage of the peace negotiations that johnson was already engaged in. it was his idea to depose a democratically elected government in chile and replace it with a rapacious military regime that used death squads and torture. none of that was "necessary" or "unavoidable". the USA was well within its power to halt what was going on in pakistan and dozens of state department employees resigned over it. Kissinger not only allowed it but actively encouraged it. 

so yeah he did instigate specific crimes and abetted others with horrifying effects. you can't just ignore that by saying its realpolitik - they were choices he made that killed millions. 

Yes I agree that Cambodia is the one thing he could be pulled up on on that score. The world was a very different place then though: effectively bipolar and one we must not return to. He did seem still to think in those terms which was why he initially criticised the idea of Ukraine joining NATO. He hugely overestimated the military might of Russia, although he was far from alone in doing so. 

What a spiteful post made doubly ironic from one of the supporters of Hamas who recently committed unspeakable attrocites. HK was merely a representative of the USA and to single him out and label him as you have shows a child like naivety. From your posts on here I can see you have a very perverted view of things perhaps tainted by an insidious ideology.

He never exuded niceness.

Question Author

where have i ever supported hamas kardashev? give specific examples

Not open support,but overt support,Untitled.Oops this post will be removed also.

Question Author

but i don't support them lol. i really don't and you just saying so doesn't change what is actually in my head. 

Question Author

interesting little fact

Lao remains the most bombed country in world history. Kissinger personally approved more than 3,800 carpet bombing raids on cambodia, laos, and vietnam - and those raids deliberately targeted civilian populations... to this day those bombs are still killing people.

human rights watch estimates that some 350000 laotians and 600000 cambodian civilians were killed by these operations. kissinger's signature was all over them. 

i expect there will be parties in chile too, and rightly so

Supporter of Hamas . Seems to be the insult of the day . Oh 

truth often hurts...

It's at times like this I wish I believed in Hell.

Show some respect,Untitled.Reported.

Whose truth is that, baz?

////Not open support,but overt support/////


I think you need to consult a dictionary.

there's a good obit in the FT today.

It makes the point that  he spent his life trying to pursue the balance of power - which meant he didn't give two hoots for those who have no power. Chileans, Cambodians, Bandladeshis, whoever.

And now his one geopolitical achievement, separating Russian commies from Chiense commies, is collapsing as Moscow and Beijing get ever closer.

true, jno, and it's easy to drop bombshells on him fromway beyond. He wrote a great book on European history from the 30 Year's War to the end of WW1 that explains a lot of the attitude we Brits take to Europe today....a lovely read as from the command of English that he had.

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