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The Curious Case Of Nick Clegg

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Roobaba | 22:14 Fri 01st Dec 2023 | News
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The curious case of Nick Clegg

The ex-deputy prime minister and Meta bigwig seems ordinary. But he can't be..

To understand Nick Clegg, look in the Collins English Dictionary. There, a little before “clematis” and “clemency”, you will find the entry “Cleggmania” (NOUN, informal). Its definition is “the brief surge in popularity for the leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Nick Clegg”.

Does anyone understand the man that is Nick Clegg?




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Man with forked tongue.

There was a “brief surge in popularity for the leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Nick Clegg”. It came in teh run up to the 2010 General Election. It seemed he talked a good talk and persuaded plenty of gullible folk to vote LibDem. A Coalition had to be formed and this gave Mr Clegg the spare keys to No.10 for five years. Among the disastrous results of this administration was the Fixed Term Parliament Act (since ditched). This was designed to ensure Mr Clegg held on to those keys for at least five years. It also led to a referendum on the "Alternative Vote" system to replace first-past-the -post (designed in the hope to help Clegg hold on to those keys for a little longer). This idea was rejected by the electorate by more than two to one on a meagre 42% turnout. As a result of losing the referendum the LibDems then renaged on a promise they had made to support boundary changes. 

Mr Clegg became Deputy Prime Minister and some LibDem MPs were given seats in the Cabinet, when they had gained just 8% of the seats in Parliament.

As you said - the case of Mr Clegg is indeed curious.

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The Tories will do anything to cling to power, whether it means getting into bed with Nick or bribing the DUP with taxpayers money, they don't care about the means as long as the end is achieved.

Yes canary42, and just like Labour did with the Callaghan government Lib/lab pact and other alliances with smaller parties to cling on in there.

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The Curious Case Of Nick Clegg

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