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Glenys Kinnock

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Rosie29 | 13:51 Sun 03rd Dec 2023 | News
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Very sorry no link but I have just heard that Glenys Kinnock has died aged 79.

I thought she was a tireless campaigner and a good MP.



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I knew she was an MEP, but hadn't realised she'd been an MP too. Which constituency did she represent in the Commons?

What a spiteful comment

whats spiteful...nothing...just some facts about the kinnock family and how hipocritical they are...seen far worse on here regarding other politicians, did you complain about them ?...doubt it

When someone posts something like that, baz, they tend to get reprimanded for insensitivity the next poster. the next poster.

Not a bit surprised by the answers @ 14.04 and 14.14.

.......What a vile person you are.

It's not as if gulliver ever celebrates the anniversary of Thatchers death by gleefully reminding us and singing Ding Dong the witch is dead.... does he?

I liked Glenys though, I wish the family well

Always liked the Kinnock Family..... No Comparison at all to the Thatcher Family.

"Always liked the Kinnock family"

Did you know them well?

and the troll sucker has quoted me,  but fails to see the blindingly clear and obvious differences between the two replies....youll never be mistaken for anybody with intelligence

"Always liked the Kinnock family"

they certainly knew a gravy train and a trough when it was in front of them and did a good line in nepotism...eureich jobs is proof of that

"No Comparison at all to the Thatcher Family.'

one produced a successful PM and the other....errr,errr,

Oh dear lol 🤣.

Canary "What a spiteful comment"....You lefties make me laugh! It's ok to spit bile at the opposition but when some comes back it's all a bit too much! eg here's a "spiteful" entire thread...


Thatcher's own son was a first class pratt and should have done time.....Instead of having his four year jail sentence suspended One law for the them again...


we are talking about Mrs Kinnochio genius.

Abers scrapping in  the usual manner - Glenys was one of the few who were creditted  with being brighter than their more famous husband

Hillary Clinton, Glenys Kinnock, and I dont know - Ivana Trump

I met her at work once.  She was very nice.  I take as I find.

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Glenys Kinnock

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