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There would have been something else that might have upset Meghan, if not this. I'm fairly sure neither Charles nor Kate would have said "I'm concerned the baby might be quite dark. What shall we do?"

As I said on another thread "Daughters-in-law!" 

Parliament could - - - loyal address to th emonarch

Dear Kingey baby, we think you should.... Grand remonstrace 1628

OR - motion of one house ( doesnt go to the other place) Dunning motion 1780

This house proposes....

Jowett's opinion 1952 on the very vexed question of HRH for wallis ( he said she cdnt have it taken away 1936) now/then said The king is the Font of all honours and can basically do what he wants

Not that my opinion counts for anything but I was very much into Royalty when the Queen was alive, but I think Charles is very weak.  Too old waiting in the wings for his turn! He  got what he wanted by marrying  Camilla. I cannot watch her she will never be Queen to me. 

William makes me shudder these days reminds me of an actor as does his wife. 

So back to the other two, I don't care what they are called, but I think they are suited and whatever Daddy or big brother think..or what name they end up with, won't change them. Everyone knows who they are anyway. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly been excluded from the upcoming wedding of the Duke of Westminster, a lifelong friend of Prince Harry and Archie’s godfather, as the fallout from the publication of Endgame rumbles on.

//Hugh Grosvenor has invited the King and Queen and the Prince and Princess of Wales to his nuptials next summer with Olivia Henson, set to be the society wedding of the year.

But it is understood he did not invite Harry in order to avoid a family clash at the wedding and risk “anything overshadowing the day”.//


They're going to find themselves more and more the outcasts.

What a dysfunctional family.

I wouldn't want them in my family.  The rest of the family seem supportive of one another.

Don't suppose anyone would be interested in the story of the prodigal son?

^He didn't bring a rogue wife back with him.

For those of you who don't think it matters if they have titles or not, it might not matter to you, but it matters to them because if they didn't have their titles, they would be less employable than they already are.

They would never have been offered jobs from Netflix and the other one whose name has gone completely out of my head if they were just Mr & Mrs.

What's the other one I can't think of?

Get rid of the lot as far as I am concerned.

Just wait until King William gets in the driving seat. Harry, Megan and Andrew should prepare for some serious pruning.

Is there still such a thing as 'a society wedding'?

Come the revolution...

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Should Mrs And Mr Me Again Lose Their Royal Titles?

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