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This Will Get The 'Wokies' Going

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youngmafbog | 12:16 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | News
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GTA is back with a vengence looking at the trailer just released, Twerking, bikinis, murders, drug deals and stolen cars... it's like it's 1997 again!

Excellent, well done Rockstar.




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I remember buying a Playstation with GTA3 about 20 years ago.

Brings out everyone's inner psychopath. 😋 I thought about getting GTA5 for the PC but it takes a month to download 😫

Quote from the article...

''Florida is the #1 craziest place in America, a place where you can get an AR-15 (assault rifle) and a free turkey with a roofing service. I'm so hyped.''

Trump would be proud. 😅

"Getting people going" is trolling.

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Get a life Canary.

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//Trump would be proud//

Why?  Has Biden done anything about the second amendment?

GTA has always been "x-rated" lol. not sure who thinks it hasn't. 

i didn't like 4 because it took itself too seriously but liked 5... my favourite was always vice city so glad to see they have returned to it 

""Getting people going" is trolling."

but i dont recall you saying the same re the two real resident trolls on here, who on numerous occasions have quite clearly stated the intention of their  posts is to  do the same....

13,03 Yeah . Agree with you Canary, too much trolling on here these days.

I remember the police doing an internet safety talk at our primary school: when they started about parents whose kids allowed to play GTA there was an uncomfortable silence. ...

damn, they'll be using the wrong pronouns next!

I ised to love GTA back in the day. Of course, I can separate pretend from reality, so have no issue with the game's content.


And I know I'm fairly hairy, but calling me a Wookiee is a bit harsh.

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This Will Get The 'Wokies' Going

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