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P M Qs, Oh Dear, Labour Take A Knife To Gun Fight As Usual......

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ToraToraTora | 16:06 Wed 06th Dec 2023 | News
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did you see Shazza's boat when the PM Welcomed Sir Beer's praise of TGL? Priceless, short excerpt here....




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As I have already posted, all Starmer said in relation to Thatcher was: - ‘Margaret Thatcher sought to drag Britain out of its stupor by setting loose our natural entrepreneurialism’.

Not much of an endorsement of any Tory policy.


If you want to see more of today’s PMQ, in which Starmer points out numerous serious flaws in the Rwanda plan, watch this video and make up your own mind, and not believe any nonsense printed in the Express, or expressed by TTT.


Did you manage to get any of those straws you were clutching at Tora?

To be sure, it's a terrible time for Labour. Pmsl.

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P M Qs, Oh Dear, Labour Take A Knife To Gun Fight As Usual......

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