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Baroness Mone.

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gulliver1 | 10:17 Wed 13th Dec 2023 | News
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Michelle Mone (Ex Con Peer)  is facing a criminal allegation of bribery as part of a long running investigation by the NCA into her involvement with the company that secured a multi million pound ppe contract..from Boris's then Govt. ..Oh dear.



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To be honest gully they enjoy getting involved with your threads. What they don't enjoy is the fact that everything you've forcast over the last few years as turned out to be true. Especially when you forcast that Boris would be gone before the next GE. 
10:48 Thu 14th Dec 2023

bar graph of abuse

oh god that is like trawling thro ABers dicta ( yes even mods readers) looking for the stupidest

worse than the keeper of the White ELephant

This will be my last post ( off the OP). I've read many of your posts even though I may not have commented. You dont come accross has stupid by far. I've been around for a long time at 73yrs like many others on here I dare say. If theres one thing for sure I've learnt is that, when you revert from debating too abusing, you are without doubt conceding defeat everytime. Have a good evening!!

I'm here to back up the OP and add support for those like him.. from my limited time on here, and limited time generally I'd say the counter argument (counter offensive..?) is strong from those who are prepared to take on the 'AB cons'.. Neo Cons..? I have no need to spend (waste) time offering what is obviously the truth (as those with an iota of intelligence would recognise it) vs the 'ducking and diving' mentioned. So from the other sides view, I and people like me on AB are trolls (by TTT's definition).. righto chaps.. as Lance Corporal Jones would say "They don't like it up'em!".. well tough matey it's ok if you do it to others, but don't like it when it's done back to you.

Debatable if this behaviour attracts or repels people.. it's likely put a few potential new ABers off sticking around.

TTT 'No doubt there was a bit of nepotism but I'm sure most of the engagements were legit.'

.. 'was a bit', really? So that's what you think eh? Wow.

TTT 'No doubt we were overcharged no doubt the quality may have been poor but none of that is fraud.'

... 'but none none of that is fraud.' Incredible! The truth..?

Baroness Moan (settling down and read latest issue of PE!)..
The last time I read about her 'your highness' oh Baroness..
said privileged lady was on the cover of TNE on her luxury superyacht bought with her ill gotten gains.. nuff said end of.

Ok roo you've officially joined the AB troll team, have fun, nothing you say will ever have any credibility.

Watch out for spring back on those braces me old china.

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Baroness Mone.

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