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Baroness Mone Moans She Has No Money

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Peter Pedant | 13:50 Sun 24th Dec 2023 | News
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Here is one for Hyme and Gullz

Sunday Times headline ( so the AB mod-wusses wont delete it for 'libel') I have been treated  like Pablo Escobar complains Mone after bank freeze.

Baroness M really is short  of a bob or two after her assets were frozen ( calm done clam down). NICA - National Crime Agency have acted. - Their nickname in the  criminal trade (' I know nothing of this!' said Leddy Mone) is Nicker-knocker as they snatch money before it  is moved or spent.

"I have committed no crime" the leddy said (clearly without knowledge of the  law) but they can still take it to prevent er redistribution.

Q:er what do ABers think of THIS

Leddy M: and now  I will be crucified !

Chief Constable Deaf-coot: in good time, it isnt Easter yet



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Question Author

I was gonna put it under anti-nominative determinism. but with TTT's ratings, it would have been read even  less

at least Pablo Escobar delivered........

pp---Please can you tell us in simple plain English What crime has Michelle Mone commited?Seeing that you profess to know all about it.

Laundering hubby's fraudulently gained riches possibly ?

Question Author

the crime of being there

"The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief." well she has certainly stopped smiling now

The whole point of POCA and money laundering ( using funds from ANY crime) is that it can be pre-emptive. The banks act ( freeze) and THEN inform the authorities

any large transaction can be queried - so that in todays world any house sale will trigger a flag and the bank  has to decide....The trigger is 'anything not fanciful' and the allegations about her certainly arent fanciful

entonces Andres "realmente ya lo sabías"

but I agree it is funnier if you say - "what dat den - wot money luandering? why dey have dat?" - where you do money laundering den - the local cash laundrette? or somefing.

so in short yes I do know more about it than you: the criterion for stopping a bank transcation ( 'anything not fanciful')


Question Author

big mistake - I said it in Spanish

Careful now PP.. Baroness Mone is a Tory Peer and well you know, that anti Tory posts are not allowed on AB .And as the Mods are very much in charge for the next 10 days or so .Answers and threads are now  14 times more likely to be removed. Tread careful.

Question Author

thx gullz I can see you are speaking from experience

oops his post has just gone ! ( joke)

According to the DM, Mone & her husband recently sold one of their multi-million pound homes in London for £19 million.

So maybe the NCA wants to make sure at least they don’t do a runner and live in poverty for the rest of their lives on this money.

Greedy greedy pair

I must have an awful lot of 'greedy ' neighbours then. Their houses are selling for thousands more than they paid for them. 

That's a non sequitur if ever I saw one.

Not a dry eye in the house. If she's really struggling she could earn a few bob simply by bothering to attend the Lords for a few days.

^^^She is on leave of absence and can't claim any allowances.

Shame. Has anyone noticed she's on leave of absence?

Including her. I mean would it make much of a difference to her day to day activities?

A tax avoidance firm linked to Mone's husband, based in the Isle of Man has now been closed down after being penalised with a fine of £150,000 for promoting aggressive tax avoidance schemes. Bet most of their clients were members of the Con Club.They just can't help having their fingers in the till can they



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Baroness Mone Moans She Has No Money

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