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Oh Mr Sunak What Will You Do ?

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gulliver1 | 12:29 Sun 14th Jan 2024 | News
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Out of the 5,000 illegal migrants identified for removal  to Rwanda...4,300 have gone Awol...just disappeared into thin air.

And the home office admitted they have "limited capability" to locate them.....Not looking good for the Tories is it..




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My guess gully is the 4,300 missing migrants could be found in Michell Mone's knicker factory working for a bowl of rice a day.
14:23 Sun 14th Jan 2024

Gully 18.04. Now come on, you nearly got that wrong. Boris had no problem at all turning number 10 into a boozer. :0)

Yes, fender - but before that James Callaghan opened the floodgates to unlimited immigration from India, Pakistan and othere Commonwealth countries.  

I remember thinking at the time (1960's) that this was a disastrous decision with far-reaching implications.  

After a teaching career around Bradford - I can confirm that there were massive changes in society.

//The damage will have been done then by this useless Tory Govt. //

Gully priming his excuses for Labour's impending failures. Or maybe they will blame their coalition partner.

Funny, I'm sure I heard that Mr Starmer was considering processing asylum claims offshore - just like the Tories.  That can't be right ... can it?

Perhaps if Corbyn/Starmer and Starmer/Shadow Cabinet had not opposed every single action proposed by the Government without coming up with any sensible suggestion of their own, the country may not have been facing the current situation.

Also when attempts to deport unwelcome guests, there have been those who have forced these deportations to be abandoned by their antics on aircraft.

I really would like to know what the opposistion would do to stop illegal immigration into this country before I could, as an undecided voter, consider voting for them.

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Oh Mr Sunak What Will You Do ?

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