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Baby Starves To Death In Skegness

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johnny.5 | 20:12 Wed 17th Jan 2024 | News
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social worker calls at house 3 times before finding baby curled up next to his dead father who had died of a heart attack so sad . but why blame the social worker ? who it seams trid to do their job 



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thank you


A very sad case - why aren't Social Workers allowed to break in under such circumstances - and what about other family (the ones for whom sympathy has been expressed).

The social worker does seem to have done her best within the System (and of course usually if they "bend" the System they get crucified by the Gentlemen of the press.)

she visited, she couldn't legally break in, so she called the police. I don't know that anyone's really blaming her. It could just as easily have happened to anyone - a single parent dies suddenly and the baby goes unfed. Very sad but I'm not sure anyone's to blame.

Poor little boy. Such a tragedy.

Sounds very much like a terrible accident, nothing more. But the media like always have done their best to turn it into a case of neglect by social services.

I haven't seen any articles that 'blame the social worker'. There seem to have been quite a few failings, but nothing laying the blame at the door of one specific person. 

I can't read this again . RIP daddy and son .

The police have reported themselves to the police watchdog.

I read a news report today where the mother was blaming social services.  She must be feeling very guilty for not trying to contact her ex for two weeks over Christmas 

Looking at the little baby he didn't stand a chance cos he looked to me undernourished.  And indeed obviously mother was a lousy one.

JJ, "And indeed obviously mother was a lousy one."

What specific details do you know about the mother and her circumstances?

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Skegness tragedy: Mother blames social services for two-year-old son's death (

heres the link if someone would kindly repaste thruogh another link 

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Thanks Johnny.5. 'Blaming social services' isn't quite as bad as the original comment, '[blame] the social worker.' 

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The social worker must be feeling as bad as anyone 

the mother seems to be blaming social services, but they seem to me to have acted properly. I assume the parents had separated; at any rate, she wasn't there.

That poor, wee mite. So terribly awful and sad.

RIP Bronson 

Shouldn't the child's mother have been trying  to see her son as well?  I don't see  what more the poor social worker could have done.  The police should have paid a visit with her i.m.o. when she first went to them.

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Baby Starves To Death In Skegness

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