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Charles Kennedy

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Steb | 14:51 Sat 07th Jan 2006 | News
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Are the LibDems being cruel in pushing Kennedy from his job, or is Kennedy wrong for not telling us (the voters) and his MPs that he is an alchoholic?


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Part of alcholism is self denial. I think they're a bunch of backstabbers.

He couldn't win. If he didn't admit it, they would have bought it out. As he did admit it, they say they have no faith in him. I wonder how many other MPs drink to excess, or indeed how many (PM) MPs sons get picked off the pavement after drinking to excess?

Why was George Best treated as a Hero for being a Pi55head, and this Kennedy bloke treated like a leper, for admitting he likes a drink?

Have just heard that he has resigned.

I think it's very sad that so many of his colleagues were so quick to turn against him and force him out, at a time when he could have done with some support.

The Lib/Dems have just stabbed their best-ever leader in the back and forced his
resignation, as well as dividing the party in the process.
Who is now going to have the guts to stand up and say that he or she can ever be a better leader?
I cannot help but think that the rats have just pulled the bung out of the ship and they could now sink without trace.
What a waste.

so he's out - and all because he sought help for an addiction which he is in the process of quitting - GREAT - whats the message here, be an alcoholic but never seek help to get better! Lib Dems have done themselves and Charls Kennedy a big dis-service and i don't think the voters will thank them for it
I emailed my first ever "outraged in surbiton" style complaint to ITN about their treatment of the story (SO SMUG) - basically they wrote back to say they were very proud their part in his downfall - nothing much i could say after that

I feel very sad for CK.His party knew all along and as coobeastie rightly said they are a bunch of backstabbers.I have said before - people in glass houses etc.

I am glad for him and his family he has resigned though because he now has usurped the two faced sods in his own party.

At least they were taken semi seriously with CK at the helm - I think most people had an affinity with him as a decent down to earth person.

Lets see how they get on with the ponces who will now throw their hat in.(Sir Ming excepted of course).

Who needs all this when his wife just recently had their first baby.There is more to life than this.A man of integrity who they will sadly miss when they are losing votes to the monster raving loony party !!!

He drinks so f******* what Kenneth Clarke is the most drunken politician of all time, he has never made one speech when he wasn't ****** out of his head.
I have always been of the opinion that MPs are entitled to do whatever they like in their personal life, provided its not illegal, it doesn't adversely affect their ability to represent the people that elected them, and they are not being hypocritical.

Various reports on CK and his liking for a drink have suggested that recently at least, the alcohol has adversely affected his performance, to quite a noticeable degree.If these reports are true, then of course he should stand down. It seems to me that a true servant of the party would have stood down some while ago, rather than risk the debacle and embarassment we are all now witnessing.

Given the strength of rebellion by fellow MPs ,all of whom will be as aware as anyone else of CKs success for the party, it seems to me that they have been loyal in the face of increasingly erratic behaviour and have finally had enough.
I also think the press have been remarkably restrained about his alleged drink problem, which has been going on for quite some time.

if he was some druggie smack head i would understand but alcohol! most people drink and unfortunately some don't know their limits and before they know it they are addicted

this is a time when he needed help and he turned to others for help and they just stabbed him in the back - although, for a bunch of politicians i can't say i am totally surprised...

the lib dems are so stupid because for the first time, they may have been in with a chance, as so many people are sick of labour and conservative and were beginning to seriously consider other options - and surely this will go against them - if they can do that to their own, how can we trust them to give a flying **** about us!!


I am with you on this one I agree with you 100%

bulbousdome - At last! We concur! Hurrah!

The thing I found most sick was the fact that the woman who threatened to 'expose' his alcoholism used to work for him - think she was his press secretary. Therefore she knew him personally and had worked with him.

This is how she knew about his drink problem. What kind of a nasty backstabber - to use information gained about a former employer and then threaten to use it on public news to make your own 'name' as a reporter.

Not 100% that's true (was in the Mirror!!!) but they generally say no smoke without fire.

That woman should be ashamed of herself - and I only hope that someone hangs her dirty washing out in public someday.

What i find silly is that they all knew he had a problem with drink, his colleagues, the media etc for at least 2 years in fact it was a butt of a load of jokes, but did nothing, but it was only when he publicly came out and admitted it that his position had apparently become untenable, despite saying that he hadn't had a drink for 2 months.. that's the nonsense..maybe he should have done what david cameron does when asked about if he has taken cocaine in the past year.

Just ignore the question.

At least this proves this old nonsense about the ''nice party'' they are just as ruthless and back stabbing as the other two parties.

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