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Michelle Mone's Ex-Lawyer Apologises

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Roobaba | 09:30 Sat 20th Jan 2024 | News
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Michelle Mone's ex-lawyer apologises to BBC


A former lawyer for Baroness Mone has apologised to the BBC for false statements he made about money her husband, Doug Barrowman, gave to the Conservative Party.

Lawyer Jonathan Coad told BBC News in December 2020 that Mr Barrowman had no ownership role with a firm that has donated more than £150,000 to the Tories since 2017.

But evidence has since emerged that suggests that was not the case.

Mr Barrowman has declined to comment.

Mr Coad has already apologised for misleading journalists about Baroness Mone's links to PPE Medpro, which is being sued by the government for supplying medical equipment worth £122m that has never been used.



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He's saying that they lied to him, he believed them, and therefore he passed the lies on to us.

What's clear now is that he's saying they lied.

.....and here is another recent news story from the BBC in which Barrowman denies any involvement with the company (where have we heard that before ?), suspected of being engaged in fraud against HMRC.

Wonder who trousered the £150,000 he gave to his Tory Pals  .

The police need to investigate the Tory party for receiving the proceeds of crime(s).

What did David Cameron gain from installing Michelle Mone to the House of Lords .Call me Dave .We are all in this together isn't cheap.

Hymie 09.12 Problem with that one Hymie. It would take years of inquiries involving judges Barristers  etc etc that would put even more taxpayers money into Tory Pockets.

9.22. On top of a little petting in the passage ways of government. :0)

A lawyer is only as good as his reputation, and being a proven liar is not a good look. So he had to apologise.

Contrast with Mone. Confront by the lies she uttered, she said it wasn't a crime to lie to the press and public.

Clearly her reputation is worth diddly squat.

come on gromit, get your old ID back stop this charrade!

Ideal lawyer for Boris.

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Michelle Mone's Ex-Lawyer Apologises

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