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Don't Panic! But We Might Need A Home Guard

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tomus42 | 23:13 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | News
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BBC News - Britain must train citizen army, military chief warns



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I read somewhere that we could now fit the whole of the British army (seated) into the Man Utd stadium - capacity 72k apparently. Should we be worried?

It's been coming for a long time.   Years ago, when I lived in France, possibly about 2010?, they introduced a form of National Service in that  youngsters of 18 had to register with their Mairie and spend some week of their Summer Hlolidays doing some form of public work - harvesting, social visiting, medical training, army training - all sorts of options.  

This means that they have a list of youngsters, who all have some sort of cohesion and training, to hand.

Notwithstanding the possible application of such groupings in a case of war, I thought then and think now that it would be a good idea if our youngsters could do some form of social training for usefulness and to build cohesion into society.

It might help societal stability?

We should be worried yes. The army is being reduced to pitiful levels. He's not talking about national service, but one of the problems behind cutbacks is recruitment and if it's difficult getting people to sign up to the main army it's hard to see them signing up in a voluntary basis.

Question Author

I remember this being called the peace dividend from the end of the iron curtain etc. Great, we can now get rid of the army.

Yet here we are. Sociopaths still in charge of the world and starting wars. 

The citizen army would have to be totally seperate to the existing armed forces. The last thing the three services need is a bunch of undisciplined, resentful non professional people in their midst.  

The general referred to" laying the foundations for a voluntary call up if war broke out." Well, good luck with that.

As in Switzerland, let’s give every male adult aged between 18 and 34 a pistol and rifle and see what happens.


It would probably put an end to knife crime.


Hymie, arm some of our youths and the Russians (or whoever) need not bother invading. The youths will do their job for them.

I look forward to seeing the AB Pitchfork Division assemble for training

Who are we at war with now, the Muslimists, the Russians or the Woke?

Don't panic Mr Mainwaring, don't panic

@02.11.Meanwhile the terrorist apologists on this site will be fighting on behalf of their beloved"freedom fighters".

I can just imagine the snowflakes of today getting called up!

Bringing back National service in the UK, would certainly solve the immigration problem ...all those young men who shouldn't be in the UK would suddenly do a runner.

No need for pitchforks pork butchers and aged undertakers. Just invest properly in professional  armed forces.

I suppose if some sort of national service was introduced for the young men in the UK, all members of the Young conservative party would be  exempt.

It's not about national service 


Why should some form of national service (basic defence training) be limited to men and boys?


09.08 Well it certainly ain't about social service it ?

As the name suggests, you only need a Home Guard, if your home nation is at risk of invasion. There are a lot of nations between ours and any possible invading nation. But yes, the world seems to be getting a riskier place so each nation needs to have sufficient deterrent. And good allies too.

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Don't Panic! But We Might Need A Home Guard

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