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Boris To Be New President Of Russia?

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lankeela | 18:49 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | News
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This man talks a lot of sense.  Hope he lives long enough to see it through.



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I think not

Another one of many soon to be  demonstrating Newtons law of gravity no doubt.🤒

Yep makes the right noises, sadly pposition politicians in Russia have a very low life expectancy.


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Hopefully being so high profile might work in his favour.  

Being high profile on the contrary gets you banned imprisoned or dead. He needs 300,000 signatures to be able to stand.

There's more chance of jno getting the nod. Russia doesn't have elections.

Still full marks for ambition and and his name "Mr Hope" is at least appropriate 


hey, I'd make a great Russian leader, especially posing topless on horseback.

These events masquerading as elections normally have around 4 "candidates" - Putin, the leader of the (no tittering) "Liberal Democratic" party (currently Leonid Slutsky), communist party leader for about the last zillion years Gennady Zyuganov, and one non entity who no one's ever heard of which I suspect won't be Boris Nadezhdin. We've already lost one anti war campaigner Yekaterina Duntsova, after "irregularities" were found in her application, and I suspect Boris Nadezhdin will go the same way. 

I agree with retrocop, I wouldn’t stand too close to any window above the first floor if I were him.

Tragically, even if this gentleman were to meet with an untimely death, that would make not the slightest difference to the current situation in Russia.

I fear Putin is like Mugabe was - there until he dies.

I think he's safe enough: an interview with a foreign news station no one at home or very few will see. In fact they may quite like it as it might have some fools abroad thinking Russia has some sort of plurality. He'll simply be barred from taking part. 

A brave man that from now on needs to avoid high windows, flying, and cups of tea he hasn't left unattended.

I still believe Putin will make the president

he would have to be a threat for the regime to kill him or persecute him... i doubt that he is. the minute he starts to look like one... 

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Boris To Be New President Of Russia?

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