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The Brexit Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

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Hymie | 11:39 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | News
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What with import checks soon to add to our woes, Brexit is far from finished inflicting pain on the UK.

And if you are lucky, you might only have a 14 hour wait at Dover.





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^Cross posted

A good question,Naomi,if i knew why Labour voters in the North of England or why SNP voters up here in Scotland went along with Johnsons lies,i wouldnt be posting on here.

Ynna, that's not the issue.  You claimed southern Tories voted Brexit but northern Labourites voted Brexit too.  As has been said constantly repeating a lie doesn't make it true.

//Up here in Scotland 29% of SNP voters voted for Brexit.Only 27% of Scottish Tory voters voted foir Brexit,only 19% of Scottish Labour voters voted for Brexit.Figures from the Guardian newspaper,by the way.//

Have you got a link please, Hymie, as I find those figures very surprising. I don't remember being asked which party I supported when I voted in the EU referendum, and as far as I know, no-one else was asked.

Nevertheless, even if your figures are correct, the SNP voters who voted for Brexit made no difference to the overall result, as Scotland accounts for such a small % of the UK electorate 

Not Hymie,nma,Miffy,the figures are correct.The SNP voters were the main Brexiteers up here in Scotland.Can you prove me wrong?

Sorry miffy (easier to spell than ynnafymmi). I see you've moved the goalposts now and are evadingthe issue. Perhaps you know your claim was wrong. SNP voters choices had no effect on the overall result. Do you disagree with that?


Sorry to ask you this nma,you seem to be a newbie on here,where you from?

UK miffy.     

"Can you prove me wrong?"


But the convention is that, since it is your claim, you need to prove it's right. And you can't because, as NMA points out, nobody was asked to state which party they normally vote for.when they completed their referendum paper. (We've done this once or twice before).

The numbers you quote are, at best, educated guesses based on surveys. And they don't matter because the UK was the EU member and the only totals which counted were those of the UK in its entirety. Not Scotland, nor England - nor Acacia Avenue just round the corner from me.

Why is New Judge's post from 20:51 not showing?

The figures i quoted comes originally from the Guardian newspaper at the time,NJ.I use these figures mainly to wind up the SNPers on here who always claim to be against Brexit.

Ahh it is there now. How come it took so long? is someone vetting the content before letting it show? The site becomes more untrustworthy by the day. 

Based on your own figures miffy the vast majority of SNP voters were against Brexit.

"I use these figures mainly to wind up the SNPers on here..."

As well as me and Corby !!!  😀🤣

YNNAFYMMI, have you considered those, "SNPers on here who always claim to be against Brexit" are, if the poll figures are to believed, amongst the 71% who didn't vote for Brexit?


Loving it.The majority voters for Brexit up here in Scotland was SNP voters.SNP-29% for,71% against.The Scottish Tories-27% for,73% against,Scottish Labour voters-19%for,81% against.I would say that the SNP voters were the main Brexiteers up here in Scotland,wouldnt you?

If your poll figures are representative of SNP voters, they voted more than two-to-one against Brexit but regardless of how they might have voted, it would have made no difference to the outcome.

So you agree the SNP voters were the majority Brexit voters up here in Scotland TCL?Thats what i have been saying all along.Ive never said they made a difference or not,i just said they were the majority Brexiteers up here in Scotland.

Ipswich have been knocked out of the FA Cup.

I blame Brexit.

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The Brexit Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

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