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Even Rees-Mogg Now Realises That His Beloved Brexit Is A Disaster For The Uk

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Hymie | 16:06 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | News
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....and he was one (of many) who said we would have cheaper food on leaving the EU.

Any chance that he might apologise to all those he conned to vote for Brexit?





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I'll wait for another evisceration from the judge!

Question Author

Is NJ going to tell us how good it is that we will be paying more for our food due to Brexit?

TTT, some people will only hear what they want to hear.

This one never listens no matter how many new ones NJ rips him.

Fair enough Jacob.

And plenty of incentive to grow more food at home.


If the food is coming from the EU is the channel owner admitting that the EU let's them in unchecked ? Not the impression we get either. So only checked if it suits them and if it's ok to enter the EU unchecked but not ok to enter the UK unchecked ? What if stuff falls off the lorry and devastates the EU agriculture. That ok is it ?


It's obviously all a storm in a teacup nonsense. If something needs to be checked, perhaps because it comes from the EU, then it will be. If it's not needed, perhaps because it's only travelled via the EU, then it won't be.


I see the channel owner has started on the personal insults. I wonder why. And the technical border mentioned was not nothing, it was discussed and rejected out of hand by the EU.


But at the end of the day we decide what checks we want at our border, it is the EU's responsibility to do what checks it wants at theirs.  Except the major flaw, which Westminster utterly refuses to tackle, with the existing agreement is that the EU expects others to do their checks for them, even if, or possibly because they want, their target to have an unwanted internal border. But that merely shows the world what an appalling bunch they are.

We've taken back control of food prices. I always wanted to pay more.

I think Hymie must a have a trophy room with the walls full of his new Aprils torn by the judge! You should turn it into a museum hymie, I'd pay to see that.

If this is genuine, instead of posting one of your usual comics, why haven't you posted a link to a reputable source?


I thought I heard on the news today that food prices have dropped and the forecast is for that trend to continue. And that was on the BBC, not famed for bringing good news.

Tomus 17.23 Spot on 🤣

Naomi 17.31 Just another nonsense post your eyes only.


Moggadon and his fellow liars and acolytes are fine and dandy.

It's akin to looking down on cannon fodder until the first shots are fired then the plebs are heroes to be bussed to the front line then lauded in song and remembered through memorials.

JRM didn't persuade me - I wanted us to leave the EU long before the referendum ever became a real possibility.

Either way food along with a lot more will rocket due to the Suez canal problems. The extra cost has not got round to us yet. Then you have the French yet again blocking the trade roads. 

Question Author


“Is NJ going to tell us how good it is that we will be paying more for our food due to Brexit?”

I don’t need to do that because it’s highly unlikely to happen. There are plenty of pressures on food prices but it is unlikely that Brexit will be the root cause of them.

First of all, more than 70% of the UK’s food imports come from outside the EU. That large majority of our food imports will already have been subject to the necessary checks (unless M. Robespierre is suggesting we only undertook them because of our obligations to the EU and abandoned them in 2020). So these new arrangements will only apply to a minority of food imports.

It is perfectly reasonable – in fact in some respects desirable or even necessary for the UK to introduce these measures and like many aspects of Brexit, they have been delayed for too long. Firstly, the UK’s failure to control EU imports in the same way as it does on other trading partners could be deemed as giving the EU unjustified preferential treatment and, therefore, violate WTO rules. Second, there has been alarm among some industries  that the absence of full controls is making the UK vulnerable to food fraud and animal disease. And lastly stricter controls on UK exports to the EU compared to EU imports into the UK has put British domestic industries and suppliers at a disadvantage. 

EU food producers – and consumers - have enough problems of their own. If producers cannot cope with these new procedures it is unlikely they will be able to shift their produce elsewhere; if the UK businesses  cannot source their goods from the EU they will go elsewhere. But neither is likely to happen. The EU Is a protectionist, regulation driven organisation. But the hapless businesses within it are pragmatic and they will cope. 

We’ve had about nine years (they began as soon as the referendum was announced) of dire, blood-curdling warnings of disasters and catastrophes that are about to be visited on the UK as a result of Brexit. None has come to pass and this will be no exception. The likes of M. Robespierre and other members of his cohort need to wise up. The UK has left the EU; it will not be applying to be readmitted any time soon; everybody needs to get used to the idea and make whatever adjustments are needed.

I’ve no idea what JRM is prattling on about nor do I care. The UK is now the same as other “normal” (i.e. non-EU) countries. It controls its own affairs, it applies its own rules as and when it sees fit. Essentially, despite what JRM wails on about, there’s nothing to see here. As always, come back when there are some results rather than hysterical speculation.

“JRM didn't persuade me - I wanted us to leave the EU long before the referendum ever became a real possibility.”

Me too, dave. In 1992, in fact, when JRM was just 22, recently graduated and working for J Rothschild Investment Management. I don’t think he had too much influence on my decision.

another one for Hymie's "trophy room" there judge!

Please don't let this become a Little and Large type double act.

Question Author

So NJ thinks it highly unlikely that these new import checks will lead to higher food prices – so that’s alright then.


tomus42 will be upset - having now taken back control, he always wanted to pay more.


Soon Brexiteers on here will be posting that they always wanted to lose rights given to them by being in the EU; and inflict a disaster on the UK.

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Even Rees-Mogg Now Realises That His Beloved Brexit Is A Disaster For The Uk

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