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Not Looking Good For The Cons Again.

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gulliver1 | 11:47 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | News
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Oh dear ..A new poll of 25.000 people by Focalda .Reveals that two thirds of  voters want a change of Government at the next election,deepening the Tories electoral woes.The worrying part of this poll for the Cons is.... the traditionally more likely to vote Tory such as the over 65s and top earners on more than £100,000 a year also want a change of Govt.



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Of course those of us on more than 100K want rid of the liberals in charge at the moment.

If you had bothered to read what people like me have written for some time you would know that.  It's not exactly news now.

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At times I feel sorry for Sunak as he is under enormous pressure to close the  opinion poll gap of around 20 points behind Labour.And he is now faced with calls from his own ministers to move aside for a new leader or risk electoral Massacre.

//And he is now faced with calls from his own ministers to move aside //

A few, but not really anyone of any importance.  Sunak will have to lead them into the next election and if wiped out then the perfect excuse to rid of the TINO's by the next incubant. Changing leader now would accomplish nothing.

I should know but please, what does TINO stand for?

Tories In Name Only?


25 people.  Wow.

LOL bednobs. gulliver has his own unusual style when it comes to  uncoventional spacings and misuse of commas and fullstops. 

We can't fault his facts, so let's mock his typos.

And this is your style of how to answer the OP. NMA

Perhaps a link to backup the 'facts' would help. 

I find some of these threads funny when it's only nicebloke  and gulliver keep them going. Never new news, just threads trying to wind up the 'true blues'

Stick to the OP.

'nicebloke' I was replying to bednobs not the OP.  I'm off for a coffee and teacake now 

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Naomi 12.15 .  I thought ...TINO...meant Tories IN Opposition .

Nice with jam on.:0))))

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Not Looking Good For The Cons Again.

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