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The Post Office Scandal Continues

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Hymie | 08:30 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | News
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On BBC Breakfast this morning one victim said that following the quashing of his conviction, he and his advisers put in a claim for compensation.

As he said, it was not some made up fanciful figure, but supported by documentary evidence of his demonstrable losses and reasonably expected compensation – the Post Office’s response was an offer of compensation less than 15% of what he requested.


Disgraceful behaviour by the Post Office (and the government).



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sozza Dave - waylaid by a very large ( £1000) gas bill

now where was I 

Today closing speeches

the first one wasnt very good - they  all spoke for around 30mins and he really failed to nail in his speech - the link between bugs in Horixon and balance irregs - so  one  was left with " The post office had a point didnt they?"

The second KC - Steen was more aggressive and led on the bullying of the victims

ringing one 60 times and calling another a botch

the third speech I missed because I was paying a bill

There are certain bugs ( haw haw haw, pun intended) along the way

every one of these victims should, by rights, end up not only fully compensated for what they've lost but wealthy - and I hope they do.

is NOT a principle  in English Law. AND the court of appeal has indicated  that it think  some ( up to half) of appeals will fail because they are still guilty of  non-Horizon witchcraft.

and so does the post office ( all  bills paid by the  govt)

Mr Bates wants profits from his ruined business ( restitution - not just moolah from the forced sale of his house) - so the 15% is hard cash for receipted losses and the remaining 85% is what he think  he WOULD have  made....


very good example of - "let's do it  right first time round",

and also of " we cant window-dress in court: if the judge finds out we all lose our jobs..."

Question Author

davebro3 said //You are on my list Canary - be afraid, be VERY afraid.//


Handbags at dawn, then.

Everyone involvled in this knows how wrong everything was, but no-one will face the law for what happened. The only ones to suffer are the innocent victims. It's a bit like looking for Nazis in post war Germany, they were all there but were never found or faced prosecution. Nothing will come of this enquiry, except the offer of compensation for the victims. And the Post Office are still using Horizon, btw. Gulp! I know, I know. They reckon it's been sorted now.

Sadly, I suspect you're correct 10cs.

davebro: Canary - why are you such a ***? Just askin' 😂

Thatcher:  I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.

In 2001, one ex PO shop manager said he had a visit from a Fujitsu rep and a manager from the PO. They were looking at the accounts on the screen when, without anyone touching the keyboard, the system started, and completed, a transaction. All by itself. Hey ho! Shortly after, the shop manager resigned. 

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The Post Office Scandal Continues

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